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Moral Boosting By HR Managers

 Moral  Boosting By HR Managers

Moral  Boosting By HR Managers

Morale is an Employee’s attitude towards His or Her Job, Employer, and Colleagues. Employee Morale as the Psychological state with respect to satisfaction, confidence and resolve; The attitude of an individual or group of Employees, resulting in courage, devotion and discipline; Level of fulfillment one has with Intrinsic Work aspects, Such as Variety and Challenges, Feedback and Learning. Morale is essentially an in general attitude of an individual or group towards all aspects of work in a Organization. Morale even leads to effective work. Keywords: Employees Attitude, Employee Behavior, Employee, Engagement, Employees Morale, Organization.

Employee morale is determined by your people’s views and opinions towards their work environment and their overall level of satisfaction towards serving as an ambassador of your company. Employee morale has a direct effect on employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

The following ways through which HR can boost the morale of the employees are:

1. Streamline work responsibilities by your people’s talents and skills

Boost employee morale by allowing your people to concentrate on doing work that drives them is a win-win for both the employee and the employer. 

2. Give them room to grow through professional development opportunities

Helping your people grow by providing opportunities for professional development, career advancement, and upward mobility within your company by investing in growth opportunities such as resources and industry events.

3. Recognize Employee achievements with genuine Appreciation

Employee recognition keeps your workforce motivated and can help boost employee morale. When you create an environment in which good work is appreciated, your people will feel empowered in their ability to contribute to your company.

4. Be transparent with your company’s Vision and Goals

One of the most valued aspects of corporate culture across the board is transparency. Employees tend to feel much better about their organization when management is transparent with the company’s progress, goals, and actions. The more transparent a company is about its actions, the more employees will feel comfortable.

5. Open the floor for feedback and listen to your people

If your employees know their voices are heard and they’re considered an integral member of the company, you will sustain their trust in the company and boost employee morale. HR should promote the importance of encouraging an open door policy when it comes to taking in their feedback, concerns, ideas, and suggestions and listening to your people.

6. Create and promote a lunch culture at the office

Creativity and innovation happen when people change their environment... staying in the same location is really detrimental to creative thinking… You need to get the top managers to be part of this community of taking time off in the middle of the day to eat lunch, to go for a walk, to have a coffee break. They need to be included in the community and model that behavior for the rest of the workforce.

7. Build a strong Team by giving back together

Productivity increases when employees work together toward a common goal. As a result, every employee feels empowered and inspired to do their part, to not let the team down. Workplace giving and volunteering are effective methods for fostering that desired team environment and the resulting productivity.

8. Promote an atmosphere of celebration and Team spirit

“Work” and “fun” don’t need to be mutually exclusive—provide causes for celebration and fun in the office. This brings attention to the importance of showing you care for your people as human beings by celebrating birthdays in the office and acknowledging personal achievements such as graduations and work anniversaries. This will have a positive influence on raising your company’s team spirit.

Sulochana Arora [MBA] 

Manager HR  

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


Moral Boosting By HR Managers

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