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Make Your Attitude Your Allies By @Priyanshi Singh


Make Your Attitude Your Allies

By @Priyanshi  Singh 

People speak without a sound. It’s true. Consider the evolution of humans through millions of years in which we used to convey our thoughts and messages only through facial expressions, grumps and grunts. The invention of language is very recent when compared to the cosmic scale. So it’s only natural that we read attitudes through expressions, and voice tones and inflexions. And that’s why the author states:  “When our attitude is right, our abilities reach a maximum of effectiveness and good results inevitably follow”

According to the author, there are three attitudes that we need to grow:

First is, the “I’m activated” attitude – one of the basic principles of successful living. According to this, to activate others, I must first activate myself; be enthusiastic myself. “A man who lacks enthusiasm never develops it in other”. And to no surprise, results come in proportion to the enthusiasm applied. But how can I develop this “power of enthusiasm”? There’s a three-step procedure that the author describes.

1. Dig into it deeper. When I find something uninteresting, I should dig in and learn more about it.

2. Life up everything about you: your smile, your handshake, your talk, even your walk.

3. Broadcast good news. No one ever accomplished anything positive telling bad news.

Second is the “You-are-important” attitude. Everyone wants to feel important. Yes, everyone – your neighbour, you, your friend, your boss – has a natural desire to feel they are “somebody”. Scientists estimate the probability of my being born is about 400 trillion to 1. That’s a pretty big number. This proves what the author states – “A person is a biological rarity”. Hence the other person is important to me, regardless of his income or status. “People do more for you when you make them feel important”. I just have to make sure that I remember the things mentioned by the author: Show appreciation at every opportunity and call people by name. I have experienced that complimenting people, even on little things, makes a huge difference.

Third, and final attitude to grow is the Service First attitude. The author describes how by putting service first, the money always takes care of itself. If I want a raise, I’ll have to work for it, not the other way around. As the author puts it “you don’t get a raise on the promise of better performance; you get a raise only by demonstrating better performance.” He also talks about giving people more than what they expect to get.

Only by doing a little more, going that last mile, giving a little extra can I let the other person know that I mean business. He suggests that each day I ask this question: “How can I give more than is expected of me?” Because each little extra thing I do for others is a “money seed”. Money seeds grow money. So, I agree with the author’s statement at the end – “Plant service and harvest money” 


Priyanshi  Singh  MBA (HR) 

Manager HR

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