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How to use MAC Studio Fix Fluid by Pallavi Bose MBA AlfaBloggers

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There are a number of products in makeup which are worth investment. And trust me MAC products cost a bomb and buying them is equal to investing your money. Thus, you must buy MAC products extremely carefully. But no doubt some of the MAC Products are of extremely good quality and the quality is of superb finish.

MAC Studio fix fluid is one of the most versatile makeup product in your kitty. Every girl should have it. And it is a product which can be used in multiple ways. Thus, here we are listing down some of the best ways to use MAC studio fix fluid –

  1. Begin with a clear base – First remove all traces of makeup by using a light and gentle cleanser like Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleanser. This will be light and comfortable on your skin and also will help to remove even the tiniest bits of makeup.
  2. Face Wash – Apply a cleansing face wash like Lotus Professional DermoSpa Bulgarian Rose Glow and Brightening Enhancing Face wash which will remove traces of dirt on your face. This will give a clean and soft face so that the makeup settles quite easily on your face. Also, it will be easy for the makeup to go with this base.
  3. Moisturizer – You need to begin with a moisturizer as per your skin type. You can apply a light moisturizer like Natio Daily tinted Moisturizer if you have an oily or combination skin or something strong like Garnier Moisture + Nourish Daily Rich Moisturizer to take care of your dryness issues if you have a dry skin. Moisturizer will also allow the makeup to move on smoothly
  4. Let it Set – This is very important. After applying the moisturizer you need to give some 5-7 minutes so that it sets on your skin. Otherwise this can cause a product build up situation. Also, if you allow the makeup to set it then you will end up using quite less amount of makeup.
  5. MAC Studio Fix Fluid on Palette – Take out some amount of MAC Studio Fix fluid on your makeup palette. Take a very little amount as a little product goes a long way on the face.
  6. Take a Brush – Now, take a foundation brush like Fenty Beauty Full Bodied Foundation Brush and take a little amount of MAC studio fix fluid and apply it all over your cheeks in circular motion. This will perfect to blend the foundation all over your face and then with constant blending you will ensure that you the perfect airbrushed look.
  7. Spray Spray – and the final touch is this spray. Makeup finishing spray will seal the makeup and lock the moisture. This will help in treating the excess makeup if you have any on your face and also will make the face much more even and natural. You can use a good quality makeup finishing spray like Missha The Style Art Designing Make Up Fix.

Thus, we hope that by above given steps you will be able to use MAC Studio Fix fluid in a fun way. Let us know if you want to add anything more to it in the comments down below.

How to use MAC Studio Fix Fluid  by Pallavi Bose MBA  AlfaBloggers

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