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List of Top Apps / Tools Branded MBA Use by Manisha Rewani

 List of Top Apps / Tools Branded MBA Use

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IFTTT - Automation & Workflow

Students can use IFTTT as an MBA app that automates, integrates, and connects their favorite apps and devices. Over 700 services, apps, and devices use IFTTT to integrate with each other. Users can enable published Applets on their devices or create their own Applets.

Key Features: Automates, integrates, and connects apps and devices 

HIVE - Live Stream Video Chat

An all-in-one project management tool, Hive is one of the best MBA apps for increasing productivity. The Hive app provides time tracking, collaboration and messaging, and automation.

Students can use Hive's project management tools to work on and keep track of assignments and group projects. They can create to-do lists, auto-schedule meetings, prioritize tasks, and edit collaboratively in real-time. Business students can also use Hive to take notes while in class.

Key Features: Project management, time tracking, collaboration, note taking

GOOGLE DOCS - Word Reader Docx Viewer

Google Docs is a completely free word processor available on the web. Business students can create and edit documents and take notes directly in their web browser. Google Docs saves all edits automatically.

MBA candidates can use the Google Docs template gallery to create documents, insert and edit images, and share documents with others.

Key Features: Word processing, note taking, collaboration


MBA students may struggle to balance classes, work, and internships. On top of that, business school is known for requiring a lot of team projects and group work. Calendly is a scheduling app that makes it easier to manage workflow and schedule group meetings or study sessions.

Rather than emailing back and forth to find a time that works for everyone, Calendly invites people to share their availability. Calendly also sends automatic reminders and follow-up emails, automating the workflow. It also lets people easily reschedule.

Key Features: Scheduling, workflow management


Troop Messenger facilitates team business communication. This instant messaging MBA app prioritizes data security, intellectual property ownership, and ease of use. Features include group calling, remote screen sharing, unlimited video conferencing, and a Dropbox/Google Drive integration. Using Troop Messenger's mobile apps, users can share files, text, and media with other apps.

Key Features: Business communication, chat, collaboration

MBA Skool: Digital Study Guide 

Digital Study Guide is an MBA app that provides business, management, and strategy information and resources. MBA graduates and business professionals review all of MBA Skool's content. Students can use MBA Skool to study for tests, research papers, and better understand topics covered in class.

Users can find study guides, business articles, self-quizzes, and self-directed courses. Learners can read through 100 business group discussion topics with questions, answers, and conclusions. Available classes cover marketing management, operations and supply chains, and human resources management.

Key Features: Study help, article, skill tests


College book renter Chegg makes our list of MBA tools. Chegg offers test practice and preparation, homework assistance, and professional proofreading. Depending on their needs, students can download Chegg Study, Chegg Math Solver, Chegg eReader, and Chegg Prep.

Users can search 9,000 textbooks, find millions of answers to common homework questions, and get answers from experts 24/7. Other tools include plagiarism checks, instant citations, and step-by-step math help. Chegg also offers textbook rentals and sells used textbooks.

Key Features: Test prep and practice, homework help, professional proofreading


While not an MBA app per se, Calm can help students manage anxiety, focus better, and reduce stress through guided meditations and calming background sounds and music. The app can also facilitate better sleep. The Calm Body programs include video lessons of gentle stretching and movement.

Cost:  Users can get a seven-day free trial. Amazon Prime students in the U.S. can get a three-month free trial and subscribe for a discounted rate.

Key Features: Short meditations, sleep stories, calming background noise and music, gentle stretching exercise.

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