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The Man Who Rules Hearts: Achyuta Samanta

The Man Who Rules Hearts: Achyuta Samanta

The man who strongly believes in “Service to mankind is service to God”.
The man who strongly believes in “The Art of Giving”.
The man who has given a shelter to 27000 poor indigenous children
The man who himself is an institution.

He is Dr.Achyuta Samanta, the founder of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology(KIIT) and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences(KISS).He started his career as a lecturer in Chemistry, now turned into one of the world’s most popular social entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a man of letters.He has immensely contributed for the cause of education throughout the world and established KISS University which “Heaven on Earth”.27000 children who are deprived of education & all other basic necessities of life are provided fully free residential home along with education from Kindergarten to Post Graduation and lodging, boarding, health care facilities beside vocational, life skill empowerment.

He comes from a very small village of Kalarabanka but now has travelled to almost all places throughout the world.He started up his career as a Chemistry lecturer but managed to create an institution like KIIT and KISS.It is rightly said “you can never know how the other person feels unless you step into their shoes.” when you come from similar situations and circumstances you can really feel the pain of those persons.So, he started to spread the message of love, happiness and a helping hand to all those who will and dare.

He is just a 5 feet 2-inch man who always wears a white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of slippers.He truly believes in simple living and high thinking.In today’s world where each and every person is self-centred and selfish, he has given lives to lakhs of students and livelihood to thousands of people.He is a true and real inspiration for the youth who will and dare to serve the society.


Akankhya Kabi