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Importance of campus recruitment by Jhanvi

Strengthen your employer branding- Talent is everywhere. It is important to engage talent with your company. Campus recruitments provide you with the opportunity to tell students about the benefits that your company offers.
You can focus on development, organizational culture, and work-life balance opportunities. This strengthens your company brand.
Latest skills and new knowledge set- College people are a huge source of fresh knowledge. They can bring new perspectives and different ways to deal with issues that a company may be facing today. They are better at thinking out of the box. They are familiar with the latest trends and theories about the industry of their interest.
Eagerness to learn everything and grow- Freshers have the eagerness and the ability to learn a number of things in a short span of time. They are capable of having an unwavering focus while learning a new technique or method and also possess better-retaining capacity. Their up-to-date knowledge in handling software and technology helps them to improve their learning curve and keep upgrading themselves. This makes them efficient at work and also helps to improve the overall productivity of the company.
Easy to train and adapt- Since freshers do not have any biases or expectations, it is easy for them to adapt to the company’s culture and values. And since they do not have previous exposure to a regular job, they can be trained as per the current job requirement and also be expected to provide results based on it. In addition to this, freshers are not pressed with too many responsibilities which is why they can devote long hours to learning new things and achieving the required targets.
Open to feedback and improvement: Hiring fresh graduates is advantageous to a company since they are open to feedback and suggestions offered by senior members in the team. They also show a keen interest to improve their performance in order to stay at par with their colleagues which significantly reflects the productivity of the company. It is easier to give constructive feedback to freshers than it is to experienced professionals.
Freshers fit into the company’s salary budget: When hiring freshers, a company can set its own salary budget to pay them, which in most cases is less than the average salary offered to an experienced candidate. This way the company can reduce its recruitment costs and focus more on providing proper training to fresh candidates. Hiring freshers help an organization to achieve its targets quickly and efficiently.

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