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Importance Of Quora By @Priya Kesharwani

 Importance Of Quora

By @Priya Kesharwani 

#Quora #questions #answers #searching #awareness #promotion

Quora is a global online platform for asking questions and providing answers. According to Google Trends, the search volume is significantly higher in India than it is in the United States. However, Quora does seem to rank well for many search queries. The fact that Quora answers questions may be one of the reasons why Google ranks Quora so highly for questions. Google is in the business of showing web pages that answer questions. Quora is a website that answers questions.

According to the now defunct Alexa popularity ranking, in February 2022, Quora was ranked #276 in traffic out of all sites in the U.S. and ranked as the top #323 sites globally.

This five-year Google Trends data shows that Quora has an upward trending profile. That means that Quora is increasing in popularity.

How Does Quora Work?

Participating in Quora is easy. One just needs to register with Quora and then start answering questions. The site is largely self-moderated in that good-quality answers get up voted, and poor answers are down voted. Site members at Quora can also report responses that are abusive or spammy. There are moderators at Quora who review reported answers. The moderators at Quora are said to be employees or subcontractors.


Linking to one’s own site could be seen in an unfavorable light, reflecting poorly on the member and the site being promoted. In general, one shouldn’t be participating in Quora to create links.

Furthermore, it’s fairly pointless because the links are not followed, which means that Google will likely not use them.


Integrating backlinks – According to digital marketing companies, Quora happens to be an excellent sphere for attracting traffic and visibility in this digitally driven world. Quora is knowledge based on a platform which facilitates users with answers and also allows them to post their queries. The benefits do not stop here, as in this sphere, contributors can also post backlinks of credible sites, which boost the SEO of a company and higher its SERP ranking.

 Building authority – customers and users are more inclined towards profiles who possess comprehensive knowledge over their fields and are knowledgeable about the products they are marketing. This single aspect builds credibility factor on the company name and helps them gain an authority which they can choose to count upon.

Quora is usually made up of a big community who foster this reciprocal relationship of answering and submitting questions on this platform. Here users either post them and wait for getting it answered, or they offer informative solutions to the issues that are already posted. With every update of answers that are enlightening and adequately addresses the query, a contributor automatically acquires a credibility status for itself. Digital marketing companies employ this platform to promote their brand subtly and also answer questions that concern their brand objectives. Since the figure of Quora users is increasing exponentially, brands and companies are garnering more views and traffic through this platform.

 Therefore, the importance of Quora is justifiable, as it poses as a platform where digital firms are restoring their faith to bind impactful digital presence. Several digital marketing companies in order to climb the ladder of Google ranking have hired professional writers from content writing services to frame Quora answers on their company’s behalf. This will not only upsurge their SEO strategy but will cater to the problems of the users with relevant solutions.

Priya Kesharwani [MBA]

Marketing Manager