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                                                                                       -Ishita Bagga

In today’s world, digitization has almost replaced everything. From education to shopping, from booking cabs to ordering medicines, everything has become online.

Digitization has even made it easier to start any business and increasing its reach and visibility. But, do you know what drives traffic online???

These are hashtags and These are the most important tools that are used to get content reach more people online. So, what are these???

Keywords is a term used to describe a common word or group of words used by the audience to search for something on the internet in a search engine or search bar. The search engine delivers results based on the algorithms which makes the content more relevant to the audience. Keywords act as connectors that connect the marketers with their audience. It helps the marketers get desired results from their marketing campaigns and attracts the audience towards them.

For eg: If I want some dresses for a party, I’ll type in the search bar “Western dresses for women”. Though this is not just a word but it still acts as a keyword and it will filter out results based on what I need.




With reference to the image above, we can see that google search engine has filtered out results and is showing us optimised results on the basis of the keyword I’ve used. Myntra is on the top because it uses similar keywords on its website, ranking it higher than other sites. This is why choosing right keywords are important.



Each and every keyword can’t be ranked and so it is important to choose right keywords relevant to the content you are sharing so that the visibility of the content increases. To choose the right keywords, following key metrics ned to be looked upon: -

  • Search Volume: - It indicates the number of search queries for a specific item in a search engine such as google within a given timeframe. If one keyword is searched more than another similar one, then it means it has higher chances of make our content visible.

The above image, let’s consider the two marked keywords, the volume of the keyword “movies 2021” is more than “2021 movies”. It means if we include the keyword “movies 2021” in our article, website or blog, it will have increase the visibility of our content.

What if our blog is about movies and we include keyword as “2021 Olympics”, will it also improve the visibility??? The answer is No!. Even having the highest search volume, it won’t help us because it is not relevant to the content.

Yes, search volume is important but the keyword used should be relevant to the content.


  •  Search Intent: - It describes the purpose of an online search. It is very important to know the intention behind the search. People might search for the reviews of some products or services but they might not have the intention of buying the product.

For e.g., : - In the following image, we can observe that the audience is searching for the ‘most popular shopping sites’ and therefore the results show the top e-commerce platforms for shopping. Now, this might be a student searching for a research project, which indicates that he is just looking for reviews or platforms and has no intent of buying. Therefore, search intent is very important when using a keyword.

  • ·       Value: - keywords are not online limited to search volume and search intent, but also ‘keyword value’ plays an important role in marketing. Basically, this is analysed by looking at CPC (Cost per click). The more clicks a keyword has, it must have more value. But value varies om person to person. If I have a business of selling clothes, then the keyword ‘sports shoes’ having a good CPC will have no value for me because it is not relevant to my business. Therefore, it is important to choose right keywords or our brand.




Hashtags might just be a symbol (#) for a common man. But, for a marketer, it is a really important tool to attract the right and potential audience towards a brand, product or service. Hashtags help in grouping together content on a specific topic, which makes it easier for the audience to find interesting and relevant content. Hashtags are a form of keywords that help increase the visibility of the business.

Hashtags are most commonly used on social media platforms to reach potential customers.

For eg: If I have a business for career counseling, I’ll put hashtags such as #career #careerguide #guidance #counseling This will rank up my posts and will reach more people and my target audience. 

In the following post, we can observe that the post is promoting online career counseling for pilot training. On the post, we can also see that some hashtags such as #pilot #career #guidance etc are used. It helps to reach the potential customers which include students interested in pilot courses. Those who will follow these hashtags will include the target audience and so hashtags act as a connector between the business and the target audience.

Therefore, hashtags and keywords both are important for a marketer to reach more people and to sell their business to the right customers in a smart way.


Ishita Bagga  

Manager Mktg

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd