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I Gave Birth of My Desire

I Gave Birth of My Desire.

Fly Up High!

Fly above the Blue Sky !

Work  for  your Passion :-) 

Not only for a profession :(

If your Passion is Engineering,

By all means work Only for that Passion.

Be an Engineer ... 

Or Whatever it May be,

A Pilot, a Doctor, a Lawyer, 

a Good  Mom  or Dad or Family Member..

Excel in your Real World.  

It is what your Heart is Telling you.

Don't waste your time on Nonsense.

If you are still  unaware of what you desire

Seek it within.

Dig out deeper

and ask your Heart about it.

Never forget to Consult your Heart

Since the Real Power is in your Heart.

I  can still remember the moment I asked my heart about my Passion.

My Passion in Writing.

It was  my great Desire to write a Book.

Others say it's  Impossible.

It's not my field. I am not a Doctor of Philosophy 
Nor a Master in Literature..

what I only have is my HEART.

Pretty Hard to Achieve

but in the End..

I Know I Proved the People wrong.

I Gave Birth of That Desire.

I Gave Birth to the Book

I love to have.


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