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How does LinkedIn benefit MBA Learners Harneet Kour

 How does LinkedIn benefit MBA Learners? 

- @Harneet Kour 

Are you on the Internet to do more than simply tweeter or post reels on Insta? Are you interested in establishing a professional relationship? Are you in search of a branding platform to help you get noticed and get hired? If you feel excited and enthusiastic, read the questions; the answer yes is an evident yes. If so, #LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for business networking. 

The most frequently asked question is: As a student, why do we have to build professional relationships? Read the answer carefully and understand the rationale. 

You, the students, are the basis of the whole development. Your professional relationships will help and guide you in transitioning from student to contributing member status of the company. 

Here are five essential reasons an MBA should be on LinkedIn.

1. Set up a Professional Profile.

Your profile includes details of your professional qualifications, academic skills, certifications, professional background and years of professional experience (if applicable). You add a biography of yourself outlining your talents, aspirations and how you plan to reach them. You put in a professional picture. All of this helps you strengthen your online presence. The first step to developing a professional network begins there. Please remember that your LinkedIn profile is not your CV.

2. Publish Content.

Where better to post company, management, financial and other related content than LinkedIn? A large part of the corporate team works with LinkedIn. 

You can post your original submissions, articles and projects on LinkedIn as blog content. Employers in your career niche will notice you, and if your content is informative and valuable, you could be offered a job opportunity or a work placement. 

3. LinkedIn is the best place to apply.

A business company might hire you if you have a solid professional profile and valuable content. Each day, LinkedIn is daily updated with multiple job vacancies. You can find jobs by optimising your skills, positioning and localisation. You can also apply directly through your LinkedIn profile. However, it is strongly suggested to attach your résumé. 

4. Establish your Brand.

LinkedIn facilitates creating your brand. A professional image and powerful summary highlighting your academic skills and accomplishments help you showcase your professional being. Each recruiter or someone at a related position who visits your profile can better understand how you can prove to be a valuable asset to the company. It gives them an insight into how your vision can help their business grow and prosper. 

5. Let LinkedIn Help You Rank Your Name On Google.

When you apply for a job, it's more likely that your recruiter will be looking for you on Google. Ask yourself how to rank high on Google. In addition to Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, LinkedIn has a strong domain authority. It is, therefore, very logical to establish a solid professional profile on LinkedIn. Improve your visibility by interacting, commenting and interacting with fellow students or people with similar work and academic backgrounds. You can begin to follow entrepreneurs, motivators, MBA recruiters and mentors. Add your invaluable insight to their posts. And yes! Ensure your LinkedIn profile is not set to High Privacy Mode. Google may not index your profile. 

Keep engaging. You should not be disappointed if you are not offered a position. There is still much to learn from the platform. Take this as a daily dose of training and improvisation.

Harneet Kour 

How does LinkedIn benefit MBA Learners? 

#LinkedIn #MBA #business #opportunity #profile