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Growing up on Instagram and LinkedIn

Growing up on Instagram and LinkedIn 

there are a few Top Actionable Tips you can go for:

1. Collaborate with and uplift others. You will learn a lot.

2. Don't hesitate to send cold DMs. there is nothing left to lose.

3. Follow people who provide value like Ankur Warikoo (Inspiration), Justin Welsh (Entrepreneurship) and Daniel Peretz (Marketing). Social media scrolling will become productive.

4. Define Your Goals – Define the exact number you want to achieve and work towards it.

5. Be genuine and consistent. The only formula for organic growth on social media.

6. Being the critic, ask your friends/family to analyze your content. That's how you improve.

7. Content creators must use 3 social media tools: Canva, SEMrush and Buzzsumo.

8. Quality > Quantity. Content that provides value will attract the right audience.

9. Keep A/B testing your content to find out what works best for you.

10. Choose a broad topic first and then move down to the bottom, considering the type of audience, your interests, scope, etc.

11. Study analytics and revise your strategy accordingly every month.

12. Consume More Content to Create Better Content

13. Connect with relevant audiences. And they will increase your engagement.

14. Don't expect every trend without thinking it through. Choose what you make.

15. Development takes time. Don't be hard on yourself.

16. Be patient, just keep posting regularly. Don't run after no. Increase the number of followers, and focus on providing valuable content.