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Forward GST rate All Over the World

 GST rate All Over the World

Australia  ----10%
Bahrain ----- -----5%
Canada ---- -----15%
China --------------17%
Japan --- -------8%
Korea --- ------10%
Kuwait------ -----5%
Malaysia --- ----6%
Mauritius--- -----15%
Mexico --- ----16%
Myanmar ----------3%
New Zealand--- ----15%
Philippines-- ---12%
Syrian( fed)-18%
Singapore-------- 7%
South Africa-14%
Thailand ------ ---7%
UAE -------------5%
Vietnam ------10%
Zimbabwe ---- ----15%

महान India ------ ----- >  18%  to  28 % 

Where in case of petrol is excluded from GST, why because there is 33% loot by the government, by implementing GST why will government reduce 5percent of its budget. 

(Congress government had set up maximum 18%tax on GST of which BJP took great advantage by making GST upto 28percent.  - 
Open your eyes... Dont be fan of MODI..    

            One gas cylinder costs rs.680, from indian oil refund ofsubsidy to bank is Rs. 159, 

That is,   680 - 159= 521 Rupees

Beforehand we were purchasing the same at Rs. 418. 

Which means a loss of Rs. 97. 

Now it is to know that the money I deposited with me got me back. Then where did the money of subsidy go, rather I have to pay more money than before. 

What is this math ...? The whole country is thinking that it is getting subsidy money, but it is our money that we are getting. 

Issue Number: -02 

How the price of petrol is fixed in the country, its entire process is as follows: - 

Current price of crude = $ 50 per bracket 

(Where, $ 1 = 63 / - 

and 1 barrel = 159 liters) 

that is, $ 50 = Rs.3150 / - 

1 liter crude oil buys India (3150/159) = 19 In 80 rupees 

Crude oil to make 1 liter gasoline - 

0.96 liters @ 19.80 / - = 19.00 / - 

Now there is a fixed price for making one liters of petrol out of crude oil 6 rupees (including transportation). 

I.e., 19.00 rupees + fixed price, 6 rupees = 25.00 rupees one liter petrol. 

Now it seems the tax of the central government, 25% ie 6 rupees. 

I.e. 25 + 6 = 31 rupees 

And from then on, VAT of the state government tax, 

Which is to be counted as average 15% which is 5 rupees i.e. the sum total is 36 rupees. 

And finally, petrol pump dealers are given a liter of 90 paisa on commission, then it costs 37 rupees. 

But still we are getting petrol in 67rs / - per liter today. 

Please try to get this information from hard to reach every citizen of the country. 

Shaan or Chhalava .... 

There is one place in the whole of India where food is the cheapest item. 

Tea = 1.00 
soup = 5.50 
lentils = 1.50 
food = 2.00 
chapati = 1.00 
chicken = 24.50 
dosa = 4.00 
biryani = 8.00 
fish = 13.00 

All these things are for the poor only and all this is available in Indian Parliament Canteen . 

And the salary of those poor is 80, 000 rupees a month without even income tax. 

That is the reason why they think that the person who earns 30 or 32 rupees a day is not poor. 

आपके Mobile में जितने  भी  नम्बर Save है  सबको Forward करें ताकि  सबको  पता  चले …    

And of the 600 odd MPs atleast 60% of them are millionaires! The idea of revising petroleum prices everyday is also to fool them as no one will remember the quantity that he has fuelled rather in multiples of 💯 or 500. So who will remember the quantity of product received.             


Pathetic performance by Modi in 3 long years vs top class honest efficient govt in just 65 short years. Let us all throw out Modi in 2019.