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Showing posts with label Emotional Challenges When Growing Out of the Box #EmotionalIntelligence #Leadership #PersonalGrowth #CareerJourney #Empathy. Show all posts

Emotional Challenges When Growing Out of the Box

 Emotional Challenges When Growing Out of the Box

Stepping out of my comfort zone has been transformative but challenging:

1. Fear of Envy:

Have you ever been in the web of envy?

I am sure, we all have been there.  Just graduated and leading training sessions along with multinational projects back to back — felt the envy around me.

2. Fear of Being Unrecognised: 

Have you been unrecognised ever?

Yes, I have been there.

Achieving early success but often felt invalidated. Because my circle was not aware of what I was doing. This led to soar my negative thoughts like: What success is meant to be? following the crowd? or making immediate money?

3. Fear of Being Unpaid:

This has been one of my biggest fears. Our industry needs to normalize balancing jobs and businesses. The fear of unpaid work—"what if, what if not, is this the right track?" Pursuing a business while my friends have stable incomes and feeling left behind has always haunted me.

4. Self-Doubt:

How many of you have self doubts?

I struggle with self-doubt and negative thoughts. Self-doubt has always tried to pull me back, but I discovered my inner voice to shut it down even when my body shakes in the spotlight.

Navigating career vs. business brought challenges but also growth. Developed emotional intelligence and became an empathic leader. Understanding and relating to others' emotions is my strength, and providing solutions is my work now. I've become an active listener and a soothing advisor. Let me know in the comment if my journey resonates with you.

Want to learn more about how psychology has helped me to overcome? Dive into my journey for motivation and DM me for services you want to get!

PS: This was my very first multinational training session and the project, looking fresh and confident but insights were actually opposite.

Fizza Faheem

Consultant I Hypnotherapist I Organizational Psychologist I Project Manager

#EmotionalIntelligence #Leadership #PersonalGrowth #CareerJourney #Empathy