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Embrace Your Passion and Soar

 Poem by Shekhar gupta

I Gave Birth of My Desire.

Embrace Your Passion and Soar

Soar above the endless azure sky,

Pursue your passion, let your spirits fly high!

Don't merely toil for a profession's gain,

Let your passion be your guiding lane.

If engineering fuels your inner fire,

Devote yourself, let nothing else transpire.

Whether engineer, pilot, lawyer, or doctor's attire,

Or being a nurturing parent, a role you admire.

Excel in the realm that your heart reveres,

For your true calling, trust your inner seers.

Time is too precious to squander on the mundane,

Seek your desires within, let your dreams reign.

Delve deeper, listen to your heart's decree,

Consult its wisdom, let it set you free.

The true power resides deep within your core,

Unlock your passion; let your heart explore.

I vividly recall the day I questioned my heart's intent,

My passion for writing, the desire I was meant.

In fields unknown, they said I couldn't contend,

But armed with my heart's resolve, I'd transcend.

A daunting journey, a challenging quest,

Yet in the end, I'd prove them wrong, at my best.

I birthed that desire, nurtured it to gleam,

Wrote the book of my dreams, like a vivid dream.

Let your thoughts soar beyond the norm,

Think out of the box, break the conform.

I Gave Birth of That Desire.

I Gave Birth to the Book

I love to have.

-Shekhar Gupta

Author / Blogger / CEO / Pilot