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Campus To Corporate World


Campus To Corporate World

Campus to Corporate is a life-changing Transformation, and while it is possible that you may go back to studying for a while, it marks the beginning of your adulthood. It is a life transition that is exciting because you get to work in your dream job, earn money and enjoy spending it as you wish! Yet, it also marks all the responsibilities and duties that come with a job. From the carefree world of campus to corporate routine; a lot of changes.

Colleges and universities play a very vital role to make students ready for facing more challenges in their corporate life. It ensures a smooth transition from academics to a professional environment, which is a result of a well-structured interface with the industry & corporate world. This system opens an arena of opportunities for students in various sectors of the corporate and industrial world. To enable the students to make the best of these opportunities, students are put through rigorous corporate programs which run concurrent to their academic programs along with close mentorship activities. 

 The biggest thing you sacrifice when you move from campus to corporate is your comfort zone. You ruled your time, and what you did with it, now you need to adhere to work timings and calls from work at all times of the day. You need to miss out on friend's events, sleep in early to wake up for early morning presentations and a ton of other things. The key is to be mentally prepared and start doing small things to make your life disciplined and easy. If you woke up late in college life, you always had the chance to miss the first lecture and join the next one. But when you move from college to corporate life, you must be at the office on time every day. You need a reason and motivation to wake up each morning, and therefore you should have career goals. They will help you to realize why you are putting in the hard work and what you need out of your life and career.  You were probably a prankster in college and very friendly with a large group of friends who you made fun of. Things are going to change once you move from college to corporate. You should always learn to ask what’s okay, even small things like what to address someone as. Don’t abuse in the workplace and be careful of what you say in WhatsApp Groups. Every move of yours will be reflective of you as a professional.  During college life you might have abused your influence and got way with getting your work done by your juniors or teammates. But in an office, you are the junior most person and the one with the responsibility of making a good impression. When you transition from college to corporate, you need to learn to develop good work ethics like being responsible, sticking to deadlines, doing honest work, ensuring transparency and taking up the blame when you have messed up.

The biggest problem when moving from college to corporate is the stress that accompanies you. You will face the immense crunch of time, and therefore you need to learn to de-stress properly. One of the best first job tips we can give you is that you should maintain a hobby. The hobby gives you time to relax and get away from any stress. Manage to make time for family and friends and indulge in self-care. The most exciting part of the life transition from college to corporate is money. The Salary Credit message at the beginning of every month means a whole lot of opportunities to have fun. But, be careful and learn how to save and invest the money. You may require money for emergencies, or to take care of your family, or even for your future studies. Learn to manage money well right from your first job itself. A fresher’s outlook to organization is vital to make progressions in your career. In this way, you will know the paths that you did not know and discover choices that help you grow up. Corporates prefer candidates who are open to moving places for work. So, it is important that one remains flexible to take a step forward to accept opportunities of growth by moving places for work and giving a boost to their career.

Transition is an on-going process in everyone’s life that takes place at different stages. This might be from the final years of school to the early years of higher education, occupational training, independent living or social opportunities. Also it can be from the final years of college/campus to the early years of one’s career. Transition from campus to career needs more attention as it involves a lot of planning. Planning for transition should take account of the personal goals and ambitions of the young person. The objective of the planning must ensure that the person possesses the necessary skills to enable the person to cope up with the corporate culture and climate.

Campus life and corporate life are fundamentally different. The domain expertise and knowledge acquired will be very essential to succeed in one’s career but the procedure to be successful on campus is very different from the procedure to be successful at work. If one continues to have the same expectations from his employer as he/she had from the professors in the campus, one will be highly disappointed and damage the career success as the culture of education is so different from the organizational culture.

As a newcomer one needs to look at his career as a great challenge. From the beginning of the career look forward to learning new things and building the bridge between technical skills and soft skills; one needs to stay connected to the people and the organization. For a debut, display of accountability, professionalism and credibility helps to face the challenges in the corporate world. Making a successful transition from campus to corporate is the most exciting and phenomenal step in one’s life and that should be handled with utmost care

Priyanshi  Singh  MBA (HR) 

Manager HR

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.