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Brand Matters in Blogging and Social Media Content Career Too

Brand Matters in Blogging and  Social Media Content Career Too

Why Branded Blogger  gets better Package Deal  than Non-Branded Solo Bloggers


Co-Branded  Blogging and  Social Media Content Creator Team

Today we live in a unique Social Media Content Calendar time. Never before in the history of Social Media Marketing has there been an Instant Mobile Delivery System. In other words, when you post and your follower/ subscriber hears the chime, they can’t resist looking to see who’s contacted them. 

Your message has just been Delivered!

Co-Branded Blogging is one of the most popular things to do online! 

Sharing your Knowledge and Experience with others, Creating and Engaging with the Community gives you the power to rule the Virtual World and WWW Internet.

You see, Bloggers and Social Marketers have glomed on to it, so people filter. 

So the question is, “Why should I read your NEW Blog Content over someone else’s I know, since I only have so much time in a day?”

The answer is Branding. Now, most people still don’t understand #Branding. They think it’s a www, Logo and a Blog Name. 

It’s not. It is everything that touches your Audiance and Public: your  Blog, Website, Digital Card, Brochures, Logo, Customer Service, after Sales Support, Quality of your Articles, your packaging even Name and Qualification of Your Blogger and Social Media Team. 

It’s the user experience as a whole. People may don’t remember what you say most of the times; but they would sure remember how you make them feel. And it’s that Wonderful www Experience that burns Your Name and Logo into one’s mind.

These things done right, thinking about your visitors before you are thinking of making a profit (because people can smell someone more interested in the Pay Check than the customer) is what Engenders trust and #Credibility — and that is what makes Visitors flock to your Co-Branded Blogs.

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Making Money from Blogging

                                                                                                                 Blog By Pallavi Bose 

Making Money from Blogging is a new concept which has gained it’s momentum since last 5 years. Blogging has come up as a very interesting and new domain where you can not only share your passion and interests but also generate a good sum of money which is equal to any other conventional job. And trust me you might come across many pictures and advertisements where you will see bloggers in huge mansions or working from beach or driving luxury cars but trust me either it is only a scam or they have just become too lucky which is not possible for everyone.
Blogging is a legit way to earn money but don’t consider it as being quick overnight scheme. It will take some time to show off it’s benefit and it clearly depends on your interest and commitment level.   So, below given are some of the legit and effective ways to learn how to make money from blogging –
  1. Start a Blog – Obviously this is the first and foremost step to make money through blogging.
    You need to start a blog. You can either start the blog as a free blog through wordpress or you can have your own website. But remember just starting the blog will not fetch you money. There should be continuous updates on the blog. And it will only survive when you have interest in your blog. Thus, start a blog on the subject which interests you and do a thorough research on the same and share updated information otherwise you might be unable to tap the audience.
  2. Think out of the box – when you begin researching then you will see that there are ample number of blogs on women related or tech related topics. Thus, you should focus on something which Is not very common. Just think out of the box and see what is trending in near future. For instance have a look at these websites - Have you ever thought of air charters. Well, this will be the future demand and to anticipate that is very important in case of blogging. Similar is the case with this website There are ample number of travel Blogs but the concept of local guides is completely new and out of the box.
  3. Paid Membership – we have seen blogs who ask for your email in return of newsletter. But make your newsletter worth their time. It should be interesting and keep it focus to your blog and subject. Also, after a while when you feel that your blog has got the hold then you can make it a paid subscription. This will not only increase the value of your blog but will also generate additional income.
  4. Make a Helpful Product – Once when you have generated a blog with good readership and viewers then try to make a product which is in the line of your blog.
    And the product should be genuinely helpful for your readers. And you can charge a nominal amount of money for the product. If your product is really helpful and beneficial then it will help other people also to get aligned with your blog.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – And finally when your blog has earned a good hold and readership and made it’s presence felt in the market then you can step into the world of affiliate marketing. This is about using relevant advertisements on your blog so that when people look at it or click it then you get paid a certain amount of commission in return. This is one of the most conventional way to earn money through blogging. But of course it should be supported by good content. Have a look at the page for more details.


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