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Best Natural Remedies for Curly Hair

                                                                                                              Blog By Pallavi Bose 
Best Natural Remedies for Curly Hair
Curly hair looks quite attractive but involves a lot of maintenance and care. You need to take care of your tresses and curls so that they look properly defined and all natural. And if you are relying on chemicals for this then you are wrong because they will make your hair dry and brittle and further worsen your hair condition.

Thus, natural remedy is the best thing for your curly hair. Thus, let’s have a look at best natural remedies for curly hair –

  1. Olive Oil – Olive Oil is the lightest hair oil you can use. Thus, after shampoo use it as a post rinse so that your curls are all shining brightly and are at their place.
  2. Curd – Curd always helps when you have excessive dry and brittle hair. Curd will tame your flyways and add a beautiful definition to your hair. You can also add some drops of your favorite hair oil to the curd so that the hair paste is highly nutritious and healthy.
  3. Honey – Honey also acts as a fab hair nourisher and thus when you add some drops of honey to your regular shampoo then your shampoo becomes extremely healthy and nutritious. It will also add an after shine effect to your hair and will also work as a smoothening effect for your curly hair.
  4. Aloe Vera Gel – Curly hair suffers from tangles and aloe vera gel goes a long way in reducing those tangles and de tangling your hair. Thus, add some 3-4 spoonful of aloe vera gel in your regular shampoo and give it a good stir. Now, use this aloe vera shampoo all over your hair. You will see your hair is free of tangles to a very great extent.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best natural shampoo for curly hair. Add some drops of apple cider vinegar (say 4-5) on your hair and stir it tremendously. Now, use this water mixture on your hair. This will go a long way in removing the dirt and product build up from your curly hair.
  6. Lemon Juice – If your hair is not too dry and if it only has dandruff or hair dirt issues then add some drops of lemon juice on your shampoo. This will remove the product build up from your hair and also will reduce dirt, pollutants and dandruff from your hair.
  7. Beer Wash – Add small amount of beer in your shampoo. This will make your hair incredibly shiny and voluminous. Also, you can notice beautiful shine and bounce on your hair. This is a fab natural shampoo for your dry curly hair.