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Be a Job Giver NOT a Job Seeker By Harneet Kaur

 Be a Job Giver NOT a Job Seeker

By Harneet Kaur 






The Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world hard. It resulted in one of the most crucial and challenging job catastrophes globally. The crisis is being feared to increase the financial instability, social void and emotional depression in the society. During the pandemic, the hardest hit class of society was the middle and lower classes. Their access to financial aid became even more limited than before. 

The employees are facing frustration due to the exhaustion of their emergency savings and debts. They turn to their employers for solutions to alleviate their financial stress. When the employers fail to bring relief, the workers consider switching jobs. This again seems too disappointing.

 Post-Pandemic, the entire traditional scenario of hiring and placements has gone through a tremendous and shocking change. Companies that used to place a large number of graduates have now cut down the placement number. They are only hiring employees who are either experienced and with a lot of skills or a foreseen probability of becoming an asset to the company in the long term. The Job-seekers who do land up getting a job are facing negotiations when it comes to salary and benefits. 

The question that arises is what can be done? How can we bring financial stability to society? What is the solution in the current scenario? The answer is simple. Be a Job Giver and Not a Job Seeker. Though this might not seem to be an easy task, it is an important way out. 

Entrepreneurs can play a significant role in bringing social and economic growth. Whenever a business is started and a company is established, it makes the owner self-employed. He can then be the job-giver to the ones getting connected to the business.

 An entrepreneur can either generate employment directly or indirectly. Employment can be generated by hiring employees or for those who are associated with your business. For example, your business can employ those who are transporting your product to the market, ones who are marketing it and also those who are obtaining raw material or information for your business. 

Here are a few benefits of being a Job Giver rather than being a Job Seeker. 

  1. Control. There is something quite satisfying and fulfilling about having the power to control. They have the control to make decisions that are not just limited to their company but affect the lives of their family and that of their employees. 

  2. The highest sense of achievement. When your decisions make your entire company successful, the entire team reaps the benefits. You do not just grow alone but are responsible for the growth and success of those working with you. The financial and emotional growth it brings is the highest sense of achievement. 

  3. Developing positive attributes and habits. As a Job-giver, you need to develop attributes and habits that are essential for growth. You need to follow discipline in life and work. You need to be not just physically but emotionally and mentally strong to own up to the responsibility of your company and your team.

  4. Diverse Learning Opportunities.  At every step, you will get an opportunity to learn something new. You will make mistakes and these will help you to analyze and rectify your thought process. The knowledge you obtain while running a business is not confined to one field. You are exposed to a wide range of aspects of life and business. And no college or university can teach these lessons. They stay with you for a lifetime. 

  5. Motivation and Mentor. As a Job-giver, you become the source of motivation and a mentor for those working with you. Your habits and principles can influence those around you. The focus and dedication you show can motivate your team and bring up enthusiasm towards their work. 

  6. Retirement: Being the owner of a company, you get the privilege to decide at what age you wish to retire. The financial stability you built for yourself through your company is higher than those working for you. As a self-employed person, you get more opportunities to contribute more capital towards your retirement account. It also helps you generate money from other opportunities and sources. 

Rather than cribbing about the job you hate, the boss who frustrates you or the salary that is taking you nowhere, take a step. Think about what you are passionate about. Think about how you can generate money from it. Make a plan. Keep your fears at bay and stay focussed. It is the time you turn from a job-seeker to a job-giver.

Harneet Kaur