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Aman Kaur Aas NGO


Capt Shekhar Gupta

Capt Shekhar Gupta

Aman Kaur Aas NGO

Aman Kaur (24) a vivacious and a Happy go lucky girl from Chandigarh is the only child of her parents. Big eyes, fine lips, long hair, slim body structure, 5’6’’ tall and super fair complexion, a typical “Sikhni” Jaat Aman looks so Gorgeous, a Beauty to Die for! 
She is not only beautiful from outside but also is a wonderful person at heart, always ready to help others whether friends or strangers. 

Aman loves making friends and meeting and interacting with new people through almost all the social sites viz Twitter, Instagram but ‘Facebook’ is her favorite. Person with a zest for life is fond of travelling and exploring new places. Both of her parents are Leading Doctors of the city and she is the lifeline of her Medico Parents.

After completing her graduation from Chandigarh Aman moved to New Delhi to pursue M.B.A.  from a B Grade B School of Delhi DSBM.  It was her final semester running, full of anxiety, hardwork, fear and nervousness. It was another hectic day. After attending five continuous lectures, Aman was tired like hell! Enters her room, changes her uniform and gets freshen up. Dressed in a loose white Adidas T-Shirt and Nike Pink Shorts, lying on her bed with headphones in her ears and laptop in her hands, Aman was relaxing herself. She was Surfing Internet with multiple tabs open, Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, Yahoo, LinkedIn etc. Since a typical Facebook fan, she was first checking her notifications on Facebook.

Along with six notifications and two messages there was a ‘Friend Request’ too. 

Aman clicked it- A Profile Picture of a Tall, Fair and Handsome Guy with black Aviators, yellow Nike t-shirt and Blue Denims along with a Guitar in his hands, “Sanjay Mehra, 3 Mutual Friends, Studied at Delhi University, Works at TCS  Limited, Lives in New Delhi” and she accepted the request. 

Within five minutes a ping from ‘Sanjay Mehra’ flashed on her screen, “hi!” she replied back and a typical conversation started off, “how are you”
 , “wassup!” , 

“what do you do” , 

“where do you put up” 


so on. 

It was a casual 20 minutes conversation.

Final exams were approaching and as usual a season of sleepless Nights has begun. Aman was good at academics. She had HR stream with her as she had a keen interest in studying HR. Since her parents were very supportive, they neither restricted her from taking up anything else nor forced her to do something else. It was mid Night and the common room of the hostel was full of students sitting with laptops and books. Aman was one of them. It has been almost four hours since she was studying continuously. To take a break she opened her Facebook profile. 

There were five friends online out of her 445 friends and one of them was Sanjay Mehra.
Sanjay- “Hi, Awake so Late ? ? ?”
Aman- “Hey! Yup! 

Exams in d end of this mnth! 

Was studyin .. thot of takin a break! 

N U tell me Wassup ?”

Sanjay-  “Nm..lyin on bed..

it was a tyring day at nt satisfied wid d work.. lukin fr a bettr job..lets searchin..anyways u tell..hw r u duin??”

And again a friendly, yet casual conversation started.  
Hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorite movie, song and so on. During this conversation they became more frank and got to know about each other more better. The conversation lasted for some two hours. 

Both shared some common interests. They were fond of dance, music, watching movies and Travelling. Aman Loved Chinese food whereas Sanjay loved Italian. Sanjay was much of a creative person and loved to paint but never thought of taking it as a profession because of family pressures. Days passed and their conversation became more and more open and frank.

Sanjay-  “r u single??”

Aman- “yeahh wat abt u??”

Sanjay-“ hw cm such a bful lady does not hav a bf!”

Simram-“waitin fr dat ryt guy!! lol!!”

Sanjay- “btw uv got so bful eyes… J”

Aman- “thanx.. J”

Sanjay- “wat r u wearing now?”

Aman- “black color shorts with green t-shirt..”

Sanjay- “u must b lookin amazing  ;-)”  wana See u ;-)

Aman was enjoying this phase of her life. Daily late Night chats were followed by exchange of contact numbers. The written conversations were converted into verbal ones.

Sanjay- “Hey hi..what are you doing?”

Aman- “Studies..!! What else!! You tell?”

Sanjay- “Lets meet today..what say?”

Aman- “ok..what time and where?

Sanjay- “hmm. Café Coffee Day, CP, 5 p.m?

Aman- “ok done make it 6 have to attend lectures till 5.”

Sanjay- “all right see you then.”

Aman got so excited. It was her first Dating with Sanjay. She spent all most 2 hours in front of her cupboard deciding what to wear! Finally after trying so many dresses she decided to wear a classy purple color knee length dress she bought from Pantaloons last week end.

Aman reached the venue fifteen minutes late. Sanjay was already waiting for her with a bouquet of carnations. Aman got flattered. They Hugged each other. Aman was overwhelmed with Sanjay’s Romantic Gesture.

Sanjay –“you look gorgeous!”

Aman blushed- “thank you”

The meeting was full of excitement and nervousness. They kept looking at each other and blushed. To make Aman comfortable and to start further conversation Sanjay orders two cold coffees and some snacks. After sometime both became comfortable with each other and shared a good round of Conversation. They went for a nice Long Romantic Walk. While walking  Sanjay held Aman’s hand. 

Aman got goose bumps all over. She smiled and blushed. Aman held back his Hand Tight and they walked together towards Aman’s Room which was just thirty minutes walk from CP. Before leaving, Sanjay asked for a Kiss from Aman, Aman could not resist and they Kissed each other. It was a Sweet Smooch Kiss. Since it was Aman’s first Kiss she got little conscious and went. She did not sleep that Night and was thinking about Sanjay and their meeting throughout the Night.

Days passed and the season of anxiety and nervousness calHugled “Placements” was there all over in Aman’s college. Since it was the final semester, ar many companies were visiting to recruit students. Aman was exited with her first interview in Wipro. Dressed in pink Tommy Hilfigher shirt and black trousers she looked extremely professional. With best wishes from her parents, friends and teachers she entered the interview room. 

The Interview was conducted for some twenty minutes. With a smile on her face she walks out of the room. The results were yet to be announced and Aman was confident.

Next morning the results were out on the notice board. And Aman was only one of the selected Candidates due to Recession. Aman got surrounded by her friends and peers and flooded with felicitations. She shared her achievement with her parents and Sanjay as well. It was one of the best days of her life. There was ne more reason for Aman’s Happiness as her best friend Radha too got placed, but in different company, Infosys. 

It was a day worth celebrating.  She called Sanjay and gave him a Big Treat at Hotel Taj. She was so excited whole evening. After Dinner they went for Long Drive and Huged and Kissed each other in Back Seat of Car.

Finally it was the last day of the college and time to bid adieu. The college was full of Crying and Cheerful Faces. With a mixture of Emotions on everybody’s face and promise to stay in touch on their lips the friends, peers, classmates, batch mates departed. Agonized Aman carrying the ecstasy for starting a new phase of her life, too moved on.

Aman’s  Shatabdi Express Train to Chandigarh was at 8:30 in evening. It was 11 o’ clock in her clock. She was waiting for Sanjay as they had decided to spend the day together. She deposited her baggage in cloak room at the railway station. Aman and Sanjay had come so much close to each other in such a short span of time. They shared everything with each other from joys to sorrows, supported each other in all highs and lows of life.

They got a chance to spend quality time with each other. They went for movie followed by lunch. After they were done, Sanjay took the advantage of the moment and proposed to Aman with a Sweet Kiss. 

Aman’s eyes were filled with spark and love. A tear rolled down from her right eye. She was so pleased and just Hugged Sanjay as tightly as she could. What a day it was for Aman, full of emotions and drama. Finally it was the time for Aman to move. 

Aman collected her baggage and boarded the train. Sanjay was sitting next to Aman. Both of them had tears in their eyes. Sanjay held Aman’s hand. As soon as he held her hand Aman burst into tears. Sanjay Hugged her and Kissed her forehead and tried to make her calm. 
 The train started to move; Sanjay left the train. He waved at Aman until she went out of his sight.

Within four hours Aman reached Chandigarh. Her parents were waiting to see the apple of their eyes. As soon as the train stopped Aman jumped out and Hugged her parents desperately. Aman had only 20 days with her to stay at home as after 20 days she had to report to the company for joining. The time slipped like sand. It seemed 20 days just flew away in a blink of an eye. Aman was all set with her new set of professional wardrobe which consisted of brands like Tommy Hilfigher, UCB, D&G etc. She was all excited and at the same time nervous too. Standing in front of the mirror with black color Gucci shades on her eyes and giving different poses, her parents entered her room. They Hugged her. They were upset as once again their child was moving away from their eyes. “Beta, you are going to start a complete different life all together, that too alone, please take proper care of yourself” and her mother burst into tears.

Aman’s parents also accompanied her to Pune. They bought a flat and a car for her so that she does not face much problem with accommodation and commutation at a new place. A month passed, In spite of heavy Global Recession in Software Industry, Aman was performing extra ordinarily well at her job. She had maintained her lifestyle in such a way that she gave ample time to Sanjay on her i-Phone.

It was 15 August, Aman’s Birthday. Aman was flooded with calls and text messages to wish her on such an auspicious day of her life. She turned 24 this year. Aman was fond of surprises. As soon as she entered her work place, her colleagues wished her and had arranged a small surprise party for her. Aman had a Good Time celebrating with her colleagues. After work she reached her place around 6 o’ clock in the evening. Sitting in a blue Nike skirt teamed up with a black Reebok spaghetti top Aman was relaxing and was surfing TV channels. She seemed uneasy and angry. She had not received any call or text from Sanjay yet. 

Suddenly her doorbell rang. As she opened the door she saw Sanjay standing with a Huge bouquet of red roses, a bottle of champagne and a Gift in his hands along with some luggage. Aman was stunned! “What a pleasant surprise!” and she jumped in his arms. She was on cloud 9!

They Hugged and Kissed each other. Sanjay gave her one more surprise, “honey, I have decided to relocate from Delhi to Pune and have brought my luggage too, I want to stay close to you and search a new job here in Pune itself. I was not getting expected returns too, from my previous job”. “I understand baby, I am so Happy that you came here to me, give me some time and I will also try to get a new and a better job for you.” , saying this Aman Kissed Sanjay’s forehead. They decided to order food from outside and celebrate at home only. They ordered a large size pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut. They enjoyed a lot over the dinner.

Aman started looking at the Gifts with enthusiasm that Sanjay had brought for her. Red roses were Aman’s favorite. She opened the Gift pack. It was a short off shoulder black color one piece. Aman got thrilled. Sanjay asked her to wear it. She went inside the Bedroom to change she did not noticed Sanjay was standing just behind. As soon as she turn out, she saw the roses were spread all over the bed with dim lights on and Sanjay was sitting with two glasses of champagne. Sanjay gave her a frisky look “you look damn gorgeous”. Aman blushed, “cheers!”  and they both started having the champagne. It was an extremely romantic moment for both them. Sanjay started Kissing her hands, face and her back, laying her down on bed, he held her tight from her waist. 

Sanjay’s mixed Touch made Aman go weak in her knees. They got Aroused and so much Intimate that they ended making Deep and Intemate Love to each other. They were Enjoying each other without cloths like Heaven. 

It was two months since Sanjay was sitting idle and searching for job. Sanjay was out of money. He started taking money from Aman. Whenever he wanted money, Aman used to deposit it in his bank account. Aman was always there to help him. Finally Aman decided to take help of Radha, her best friend from college who got placed as HR manager in Infosys. Radha helped her with arranging interview for Sanjay and providing a good job profile for him in Infosys and thus Sanjay got his dream job. He got so excited with his new job. Aman was so Happy and relieved to see Sanjay employed.

Couple of months passed, Sanjay got so much indulged in his work that he stopped paying much attention towards Aman and started ignoring her. Aman tried various times to talk to him and discuss if anything is bothering him at work, but Sanjay kept ignoring her and ended up fighting with her, in fact sometimes abused her both physically and verbally. Aman had no idea about the reason behind this sudden and drastic change in Sanjay’s behavior towards her.

One day after coming back from work Aman noticed something unusual in her house. She rushed inside the bedroom and saw Sanjay’s empty cupboard. Sanjay had left a note that he is calling off the relationship. Aman was taken aback. It was not less than a trauma for her. She had a breakdown. Suddenly all those promise, that love, that care turned fake. She immediately called Sanjay but he disconnected the call. She was not able to sleep for Nights and kept calling him every day but every time she called him, he used to disconnect her call. She was completely shattered and collapsed. It was Radha who was there with Aman to console and take care of her in such a brutal phase of her life. Aman was going out of control; she had started boozing and smoking. She could not concentrate on her work. Her performance graph was going down day by day. Radha tried to make her understand so many times but Aman did not listen.

Like another day, Aman reached home after work and was sitting and thinking about Sanjay. Suddenly she thought of taking out Sanjay’s phone call statement, she had the password to his account and took out the summary of calls. There was a number which was dialed repeatedly every day. Aman thought of calling on that number. She dialed the number, to her surprise it was Sanjay’s voice on the other side. She was shocked. She confirmed whether it is him or not. Sanjay too recognized her voice and got frustrated, “how dare you call on this number! This is my girlfriend’s number and don’t you dare call again! Just get lost from my life!” he abused her and disconnected the call. Aman’s eyes were flooded with tears. It was becoming difficult for Aman to survive there alone. Her past was haunting her miserably. She decided to quit her job and go back to Chandigarh.

Aman sat idle at home for a month. Her parents also could not see her condition. They used to take her out for shopping and dinner to cheer her up every other day, but Aman was not able to cope up with the situation. One morning Aman was sitting in her room deeply thinking about something, her mother entered the room and sat beside her. “Mom I want to do something for poor and needy children and women. I want to open a NGO so that I can provide them with all the basic needs and amenities and give them a new family and a new life all together”, her mother held her hand and Kissed her “that is so nice of you to think this way. I am very pleased with your courageous decision. I am always with you.” Her father was also very Happy with his daughter’s generous step.

Aman named her NGO “Aas” meaning ‘Hope’. She started working for her NGO with full dedication. She got herself indulged so much that she was able to overcome her past. Her parents supported her at every step in every possible manner they could. Within a span of two years, her NGO got well established and did outstandingly well. She got new faces in her life. Each and every person in her NGO whether the children or women or the staff became like a family to her. During this course of time she realized it is never the end of anything. Life moves on. There are people in this world in much more worse conditions and still fighting for life. She considered herself fortunate and blessed that she was helping such people.

One day Aman was sitting in her office and was going through the accounts of her NGO. Her mobile phone rang “Radha calling…” Aman picked the phone in excitement “Hey Radha, how are you?”, Radha replied back in anger, “Listen I have got something to tell you, our company is facing trouble due to recession and I have been assigned with the responsibility to fire few staff and I am going to kick Sanjay out of the company!”. 

Aman was shocked “No Radha you will not do anything like that please for God’s sake!”. Radha was stunned “why the hell are you talking like this? You forgot what he did to you?”, “No Radha, I did not forget anything. See whatever happens, happens for the good. Earlier I used regret for everything happened, but not now. I took everything as a part of life. 
Had it did not happen, I would have not come back home and would have never realized that there are people who are in even more miserable condition and situation and still lead their life with a smile on their face. Leave everything on God; he will give Sanjay whatever he deserves and you just leave this matter”. Radha understood what Aman said and accorded with her.

Aman still had some feelings for Sanjay which she could never kill. She always hoped the best for Sanjay. Whatever happened, Aman took it as a lesson of life and moved forward. Her NGO is running successfully and she is Happy with her life. She is getting marriage proposals from so many highly educated families, just waiting for the right proposal to click. Let us wish the best for her future and hope she gets what she deserves in life because sometimes what we deserve is much more than what we desire.


Capt Shekhar Gupta

Capt Shekhar Gupta


College Campus and Placements in Recession
By Capt Shekhar Gupta

College Campus and Placements is a story of Students of B grade and C grade B School and Engineering Colleges, Management Gurus and HR Managers of many Colleges who are unable to cope due to Global recession.    This is not a book to teach you how to get a decent well paid Job to live like a Professionals. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Professional even in the time of Global recession with very small changes in life. Also Why abroad trained Students are better Professionals.

अचानक उसके दरवाजे की घंटी बजी। जैसे ही उसने दरवाजा खोला उसने संजय को लाल गुलाब के विशाल गुलदस्ते, शैंपेन की एक बोतल और हाथों में कुछ सामान के साथ एक उपहार के साथ खड़ा देखा। अमान स्तब्ध रह गया! "क्या सुखद आश्चर्य है!" और वह अपनी बाहों में कूद गया। वह 9 बादल पर था!

वे गले मिले और एक दूसरे को चूमा। संजय ने उसे एक और आश्चर्य दिया, “शहद, मैंने दिल्ली से पुणे स्थानांतरित करने का फैसला किया है और अपना सामान भी लाया है, मैं तुम्हारे करीब रहना चाहता हूं और पुणे में ही एक नई नौकरी खोज रहा हूं। मुझे अपनी पिछली नौकरी से भी अपेक्षित रिटर्न नहीं मिल रहा था। "मैं समझता हूं कि बेबी, मैं बहुत खुश हूं कि आप यहां आए, मुझे थोड़ा समय दीजिए और मैं भी आपके लिए एक नई और बेहतर नौकरी पाने की कोशिश करूंगा।", यह कहते हुए अमन ने संजय के माथे को चूमा। उन्होंने बाहर से खाना मंगवाने और घर पर ही मनाने का फैसला किया। उन्होंने पिज्जा हट से एक बड़े आकार के पिज्जा और पास्ता का ऑर्डर दिया। उन्होंने रात के खाने का भरपूर आनंद लिया।

अमन ने उपहारों को उत्साह के साथ देखना शुरू किया जो संजय उसके लिए लाया था। लाल गुलाब अमन के पसंदीदा थे। उसने गिफ्ट पैक खोला। यह एक शॉर्ट ऑफ शोल्डर ब्लैक कलर वन पीस था। अमन रोमांचित हो उठा। संजय ने उसे पहनने के लिए कहा। वह बेडरूम के अंदर चली गई, उसने देखा कि संजय पीछे नहीं खड़ा था। जैसे ही वह बाहर निकली, उसने देखा कि बिस्तर पर चारों ओर धुंधली रोशनी के साथ गुलाब फैले हुए थे और संजय दो गिलास शैंपेन के साथ बैठा था। संजय ने उसे एक शानदार लुक दिया “तुम बहुत खूबसूरत लग रही हो”। अमन ने शरमाते हुए कहा, "चीयर्स!" और वे दोनों शैंपेन रखने लगे। यह दोनों के लिए बेहद रोमांटिक पल था। संजय ने उसके हाथों, चेहरे और उसकी पीठ को चूमना शुरू कर दिया, उसे बिस्तर पर लेटाकर उसने उसे कमर से कस कर पकड़ लिया।

संजय का मिक्स्ड टच अमन को उनके घुटनों में कमज़ोर बना देता है। वे उत्तेजित हो गए और इतने अंतरंग हो गए कि उन्होंने एक-दूसरे को दीप और अंतरंग प्रेम करना   चूमना शुरू कर दिया। वे बिना कपड़ों के एक दूसरे को स्वर्ग की तरह एन्जॉय कर रहे थे।
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