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Advantage of Short URL and official email ids TARIKA PARATE

Advantage of Short URL


URL Meaning - Uniform Resource Locator is nothing but just an address of a unique given resource on the web. 


They make the links more manageable- Short URL is easy to use, we can easily share the URL. Many links are long because of SEO (search engine optimization) and come with a ranking in Google, with the longer links they have the more keywords to find the accurate result. But if the links are lengthy, it is very difficult to share in emails, web pages, and especially social media services like Facebook and Twitter.

  The short links can easily transform to social media services – Its wok as an aggregate of the information and help users to lead some useful innovation in how people share the links. Some innovative social media services display popular links, rank domains, and act as filters or aggregate social media content. 

  It gives the user a useful feature - Because it's so easy for companies to enter this space, innovations are constantly being made that improve the user experience. Users also have a choice - they can follow links that will provide features, or simply choose ones with only the necessary functionality to get them to a web page. We can simply say that it improves the browsing experience.

  URL shortening services make hyperlink text look more attractive.

  Shortened links make the reading experience smoother.

 Official Email Id

The address remains the same throughout one's association with the University. Official mail is mail sent from, or by, an authorized department of government, governmental agency, or international organization and normally has some indication that it is official, return address, or other means of identity, indicating its user. 


Official id

Personal [Un Official id]

Advantage of Small eMail id 

You get one chance to make a first impression with a small email id.

It helps to protect critical business data.

Sharing of email id on another platform will be very easy.

Use a shorter version that’s easy to recall.

You can easily make your big name and surname and even your company name is shortened.

People are more likely to engage with a website or company that has a short email address.


Advantage of Short URL