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Abhigyan Business Corp

Characters of the story:
Business: Abhigyan Business Corp
Pilot: Abhigyan Dutta
Dad: Rajeev Dutta
Family Name: Dutta family
Occupation: Doctors
Father: Rajeev [Age, 63]
Mother: Radhika [Age, 59]
Daughter: Krishi [Age, 24]
Abhigyan’s son: Vibhu [6 years]
Abhigyan’s wife: Hema [Housewife]
Abhigyan’s Girlfriend: Meesha [Age, 29], A Human resource Manager

The sky looks grim and dark, it has been pouring since yesterday and the streets of Calcutta are filled with rain water giving a hard time to rickshaw pullers. “Oh dada cholo!” bellowed Abhigyan from the driving seat of his car trying to get rid of a rickshaw puller struggling through potholes. The road finally cleared off and Abhigyan drove off mumbling and complaining about the poor sanitary conditions of Calcutta. Abhigyan Dutta lovingly known as ‘ABHI’ by his friends and family is a soon to be divorced 32 year old man, the only son of his parents (both doctors), and the owner of one of the most successful companies of Calcutta ‘ Abhigyan Business Group’. He has a son named Vibhu (6 years) and a wife who does not see eye to eye with him since she found out he was allegedly having an affair with the human resource manager of his company Meesha (29).
Vibhu sitting next to Abhi saw his father constantly texting to someone named ‘Baby’ and he clearly knew it was not his mother.
(WHATSAPP buzzes)
MEESHA: “Babe you know I came to know about this new ZARA store in South City mall, when will we go there?” You promised me a dress, remember?
ABHI: Yeah babe I remember, we will go this weekend for sure!
MEESHA: I love you, babe!
ABHI: love you too sweetie, got, Bubye.
Vibhu looked upset and got off the car as Abhigyan pulled over to St.Francis school in Howrah. As soon as Abhi drove off he got a call which wasn’t good news as it was from his wife Hema.
ABHI: Hi, Hema what’s wrong?
HEMA: What’s wrong is that you are a cheating pervert; anyways   I have called you to ask you to keep Vibhu with yourself for the weekend at your house! I have to go out of town for a meeting and your parents are in Rishikesh as you know.
ABHI: (Stammering) yeah of course, I will pick him up today.
Since it was Friday Abhi picked up Vibhu and took him straight to his home, where as soon as he opened the door Meesha got off the couch and came running to hug and kiss Abhi, which he clearly tried to avoid in the presence of his son. After the uncomfortable encounter with his girlfriend he went into the kitchen and fed Vibhu some warm milk.
Vibhu sat beside Meesha on the couch and began watching TV, while Abhi went for a shower. A few minutes later he heard his son crying and rushed out half dressed. “You son of a bitch, spilled the milk over my 15,000 RS. Dress!”Yelled Meesha and slapped the kid. Abhi marched towards her in anger and slapped her, “how dare you? get out! We are done”!
 Meesha left in rage crying.
Abhi consoled his son and called his wife Hema, “I am sorry Hema, I made a huge mistake! You are my soul mate! Please take me back!”
Hema forgave him and the young DUTT family was reunited again.

Deepika Arora
HR || Freelance Content writer