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A Reflection on Changing Perceptions From Mud Houses to High-Rises

🌍🏡 From Mud Houses to High-Rises: 

A Reflection on Changing Perceptions 🌆

For years, we were led to believe that mud houses were a sign of poverty. This idea, largely propagated during British rule, encouraged us to abandon our traditional homes in favor of high-rise buildings in the cities. In our pursuit of modernity and a sense of affluence, we cleared forests and embarked on large-scale construction projects, leaving behind our humble mud houses.

Today, it's ironic to see that the British now label mud houses as a luxury. Raw, organic food, and traditional homes are now considered symbols of wealth. Those who reside in mud houses are regarded as affluent, and foods like Mahua, Daliya Porridge, Bajra (Pearl Millet), Plum Powder, and Kudai (Kodo Millet) have been elevated to gourmet status.

What has driven this shift? 🌿 Sustainable living and natural materials have gained importance, making mud houses desirable for their energy efficiency and unique aesthetic. Globalization has exposed us to diverse cultures and architectural styles, reshaping our perceptions.

On the other hand, high-rise living, often seen as modern and prestigious, has its downsides. Large-scale construction harms our environment, while the isolation of high-rise life contrasts with the strong community bonds found in traditional homes.

This changing perception makes us question what truly defines wealth and progress. Should we blindly follow external definitions, or can we redefine these concepts based on our own cultural heritage and a more sustainable future?

It's perplexing to ponder whether the British misled us back then, or if they're still misleading us now.

Let's celebrate and reclaim the value in our traditions, and redefine progress on our own terms. 🌱✨

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