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Stress Management Due to CoVid19

Social distancing because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the best thing we can do right now to decrease the risk of spreading the virus in our communities. But social distancing and self-isolation can be really stressful. 
It is a difficult time for all as we hear about spread of COVID-19 from all over the world, through television, social media, newspapers, family and friends and other sources. 
People who are more likely to be affected because of stress during this pandemic are:

·         Children’s and Teens
·         Older people and people with chronic diseases that put them at higher risk
·         People who have mental health conditions, including substance abuse and
·         The hero’s helping in this time, our doctors, service providers etc 

Stress can be managed and one can live a healthy life.

·         Practicing Yoga and meditation can help
·         Exercise and channelize the positive energy
·         Do not indulge into rumours or get carried away by it
·         It is said ideal mind is devils workshop, Be busy. Have a regular schedule. Help in doing some of the work at home
·         Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories,
·         Connect with others - Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling 

Simple steps like these can help bring a sense of normalcy and help one cope with the changing environment and stress

Samruddhi Verlekar [MBA HR]
Manager HR  
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd


#stressmanagement #covid19 #staypositive #stayoccupied