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Pro’s and Con’s of SmartPhones

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Pro’s and Con’s of  SmartPhones

Evolution in the advancement of technology is under a great pace. The cell phones are one of them that has changed from a normal device used just for communicating to searching the nearest hotel or restaurant and book in advance. A smartphone is a type of cell phone with superior technology impended in them. They have excellent features that go beyond the basic phone capabilities. It has the capability to do many things that a computer can. This cellular phone can usually, for example, access the internet and take some pictures and also make a video call to those people who may be living far away places. Smartphones are small enough that fit into a pocket. When the same qualities are provided by the smartphones that the desktop does it has become handier to the people. The key difference between them is smartphones have a touchscreen. By their name smartphone suggests that they are smarter than the regular phone. But everything has two sides so let's see our smartphones are really better  ? 

Pros of Smartphones :

1.     Camera:  this helps one to capture the moments which they are worth capturing and can recall them whenever they need as the phones are always with them and they need not get them physically printed to relive the moments.
2.     Apps: these apps solved many problems by gaining the solution to access the site of theirs by one click and saving a lot of time searching for the proper genuine site and order the things which are needed.
3.     GPS, navigation: people when they visit new places they often tend to get lost in the city, town where it could be but these smartphones are for the rescue and help us to get to our destination safely.
4.     Access to internet: the most used site for getting any kind of information in laptops, desktops or Smartphone is Google. This can be used anywhere with the help of handy smartphones and find what we need.
5.     Staying in touch: there are a number of social media sites and apps that help you to connect with people you know and maybe because of the distance hindrance, you may not be keeping in touch but then these Smartphone help you to connect and get in touch with the people anywhere in the world and also one can make new friends.

Con’s of Smart Phones :

1.     Dependent: people are getting completely relied upon in the smartphones and not making any efforts of their own, for instance for communicating and navigation the streets we may lose out natural spatial awareness and communicating skills. If the phone battery drains we won't be having any back up if needed.
2.     Affecting the relationships: on one hand, we may be connecting with the people who are far away and making new friends now and then but this sometimes lead ignoring the people who around us.
3.  Complex usage: using smartphones is a task for some people, especially the old aged ones find it difficult to operate. They are not habituated to the fast-moving technological world yet.
4.     Kills the creativity:  kids are the ones who are getting addicted to smartphones and not using their time in some creativity. Not playing in the parks, playgrounds but stuck to their phones
5.     Security: data protection is a major hindrance, the passwords which we type down in the sites and apps may be risky that they may be chances of third party involvement.

Smartphones can be simply described as sophisticated, fun and informative, there is a lot of potential for smartphones. They can help us in a lost city and entertain as well. But then these considerations must be balanced properly against the costs of using the smartphones.

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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
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