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Aims and Dreams

Bottom of Form
Reena Baruah An Assmese Girl
Lead: Reena Baruah, Age 22 
Faher: Binoy Baruah, Age 55
Moher:  Nilima Baruah, Age 51
Younger sibling: Dulumoni, Age 16
Boyfriend: Jeet Bhuiyan, Age 23 
Faher : Mr Deven Bhuiyan
Restaurant Chain : 
Famous leather Brand : Rouge

Reena is an aspiring Fashion Designer who wants to start her own online clothing brand, her father and mother runs their own Restaurant chain Called MaasBhaat, sister is a student studying in 12th standard and aspires to be a Pilot and Reena's boyfriend Jeet Bhuiyan, Age 23 is a Marketing Manager in a Dot Com Start-Up in whose Faher Mr Deven Bhuiyan owns a Leather company. Jeet Bhuiya a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM  Ahamdabad.  

Reena struggles to find her way into her Entrepreneurship and gradually with Age and experience She come to find her path with the  help of her family and her partner. This is a story of Reena fulfilling her Dreams and being  unstoppable no matter what life throws at her.
Reena makes her Daydream a reality.
“It’s one of her best Designs that I have seen today, I am sure you will go  very far Reena” her teacher  praised Reena’s assignmeenant in front of the  entire class. The last practicals of her college life and Reena was excited  about what her future had to offer. 
Wide Eyed 22 Year old Reena Baruah was a sophomore Final Year  Fashion Designing Student from NIFT Delhi who Dreamt of owning her  own online Fashion Brand one fine Day.  
Her parents Binoy a 55 year old Business man and Nilima 51, togeher ran a Restaurant chain called MaasBhaat  meaning ‘Fish and Rice’ an Assmese Traditional Restaurant that had two outlets in her town of Jorhat in Assam, 
She also had a 16 year old Younger  Sister Dulumoni  doing her  12th in PCM Science  back in her  home town who with equal passion Dreamt of becoming an Airline  Pilot one fine day. She read and Follwed  Pilot's Career Guide By Capt Shekhar Gupta.  She read entire Book So many times. 

Fast forward, Reena went back home  after her  finals and  her results as  expected came out with Flying Colours. 
“Reena  Ba, it’s not far you know,  when you finally have an online brand” Dulumoni quoted
Holding her  sister’s  hand “ah! I will have to wait on it but I am excited” They both smiled and  their eyes lit up hoping for her best.
Soon their moher joined  Herm in her celebration “Reena mami, you know what, I am making your favourite dish tonight and your  father and I have some discussion to do with you about what  Your next plans are, we are very proud of you mami” Reena nodded and hugged  her moher.

“How's her food mami?” Nilima  Gestured to Reena, 

“it’s Just  Delicious Maa...  J

I was Missing this Home food in my PG  L
Baba you wanted to discuss something?”asked Reena chewing  her food  delightfully, Binoy looked at her and smiled “well, now, that you have a  Distinction in Fashion Designing where would you wanna start?” Reena jumped  “Online Brand Obviously”   like

Binoy and Nilima looked at each oher and came to a   conclusion with their eyes “well mami” Binoy said, giving out a supportive  tone yet with a reality check  “You cannot start it right away like that,  hence your moher and I think that..”,

“Yes yes, I must first learn from an  Expert, got it” interrupted Reena “here you are, we have such a smart child 
Nilima” Binoy stated feeling satisfied with Reena’s decision.

Late at night Dulumoni knocked at her sister’s door to have their chit chats  as it wasn’t often that They got to sit and talk after Reena went away for  her  studies. “Ba, I wonder what to do about this Pilot thing, as of  now I know I will have to take up courses but I am still confused” Dulumoni  doubted being a teenager that She was, “I read about this Aviation Career  Counseling at  came across it just last week and I thought of you as soon as I saw it, you should check that out  Dulu and their  best part They give Pilot Training as well”, Reena guided her,  Dulumoni now excited  after finding a new perception quoted “great how do you have her solution to  everything ba?”  Reena sighe  “Ah! for everyone except for myself”, “it’s  just a beginning ba, who knows what life holds” Dulumoni consoled Jeet sister  in return.
Her next morning Reena decided to send out her  resume in every Online Job  Portal and a week later She finally got  a call from a Famous Luxury Boutique Start-Up  called Vastra.
Her CEO  Welcomed  Reena  seeing her  potential and was  amazed by her samples, her social Media began spamming her with  congratulating Messages as She changed  Her status from student to works in  Vastra as an executive Fashion Designer. 

Soon She started making friends at  Vastra  and enjoyed every bit of  her day creating a new Design, a year passed by and Reena couldn’t help but  fall in love with her  Job and a certain new comer called Jeet  Bhuiya,  Son of  owner of a famous leather brand known as Rouge. 

Reena casually questioned to show that She was not smitten “because Rouge is   my faher’s and I’d like to contribute my own instead of just jumping at my Dad’s hard earned prize, hence marketing it is” her replied, “impressive” 
Reena said,  Meaning it,
“I’m glad that something impressed you finally” Jeet   Cleverly threw it in, Reena blushed and her Late Night Conversations took it’s  Romantic Turn and even before They realised They were hanging out regularly 
and what was once texts full of tricky questions and answers turned into 
Simple  “I Love You" and pick Me up early from home” kind of Messages.  

Jeet : Hey Baby J

Reema : Yup Sweetheart  tel me ?

Jeet :  Baby Missing U a lot J

Reema :  Sweetheart   me too  ?

Jeet :  Baby What are U wearing now  J

Reema :  Sweetheart can u guess  ?

Jeet : Hey Baby I m reaching Crossroad in 10
 mins J be ready for a  Drive in my new Range Rover J

Reena : wow I wud be there plz wear ur blue Teeshirt n Black Jeans

Reena and Jeet Started Dating each other and End up with Hard Core Sex and Sleeping  together in the Car itself.
Anoher year passed by and Reena now 26, came to a decision that She was now   ready to own her  Dreams. Challenges are a part of every plan but no one is  told what her challenges will be like this. Reena’s family Restaurant Business was  not doing as well as before as They had many competitors compared to what They had when They started.

Global Recession is also there to slow their Business.

Her sister was now a pure Aviation Student  studying in  AsiaticAir Pilot Training Academy, herefore, her Heavy Pilot Training Fees was not easy on her family any longer.  Reena saw her family’s struggle and was  disheartened, She assumed that may be a few years later was a better idea  so She silently kept working on her Designs and went on with her daily  routine. 

One fine evening while Reena was leaving from her work she caught a glimpse  of her Designs  “wow, Babe are here  new Designs that you were telling  Me about ? ” Reena gasped as She was caught off guard
“um, yes Sweetheart, I was  gonna show you when I finish Herm”, 

“Well They are amazing, you know what,  I  Love Herm, what is this, traditional plus touch of western, right?” Jeet asked being hyped about his girlfriend’s ideas, “yes, ah well, this is gonna take a  while to actually be on display”, She sighed.  Jeet  never doubted Reena for a  single minute so Jeet held her hand and comforted her  “Reena you must talk 
to your parents and I am sure They will see what They can do, They have always  supported you, I am sure you will find a way”,
Reena nodded half heartedly. 

Later that night Reena decided to give Jeet’s advice a thought and walked up  to her  parents. Binoy and Nilima sat down and listened to  her whole  night and They debated on how her expenses will be meat and how would She  reach her right audience etc.

“My Dear Mami, you know our situation right now,  but if you happen to come  up with a Full Start-Up Business  Plan your mom and I can help you  out for sure but please see to that you have a solid plan and also a Plan B”   Binoy put his trust on Reena,
“Yes Baba I do have a plan and I will make it  better and show you when it’s ready” Reena assured him.

“So, how did it go?” 

Jeet  Enquired her next day, “They are not entirely reluctant but says that it  is risky but also wants to help Me  figure it out when I have a solid   plan, better than her one that I already have” Reena answered with a little  bit of hope, “I know about marketing in and out by now, I will get her  contacts and her  school  and you get hold of your college Blogger Friends,  you have your Savings, you can do it Babe, we can do this”
She  Jumped encouragingly, “You Sure Jeet?” 
Reena doubted,
“Reena, if you doubt yourself who is going to believe in You,   but look, we all believe in you, you need to have a little faith in what you  really want, okay?”
Jeet  held  her cute Face and advised, Reena nodded to agree 

“Ah !  how did I find you!”

Reema looked at him in awe and Kissed Jeet.
Reena approached  her  parents once again after few months having contacted  her  Blogger friends and arranging her materials for  her  Designs. 

Mugha Chic, hmmm I like her name” Nilima looked at Binoy for approval  “well it sounds trendy to her”
Replied Binoy, “oh my God! you guys really  like it?”

Reena questioned with excitement “would we agree to sit through   this her entire evening if we weren’t?” 

Nilima teased her, “ma…”
Reena laughetd and hugged her  parents “now get to  work Mami, you can do it, we are all here” Binoy kissed  her  forehead.
Reena caught hold of her best tailors She could find in her  town and Nilima  decided to join as She always had a taste for Auhentic Designs handed down by  her moher.  Reena worked day and night and sacrificed  her  sleep and play all  for her  Big Day to come.

Soon She partnered up with 3 Best  Tailors and  Jeet  got hold of his marketing team and her Blogger friends were all over  Facebook and Instagram promoting her items and getting everyone hyped for her launch of “Mugha-Chic”. 

Jeet : Hey Babes How are U  ;-) ?
Reena :  “Tired as hell Jeet” L

 Reena finally took a little break in between running  for her materials for her  clothing line and sat down in a small Coffee Shop  with her  Jeet. 
“Here is no stopping you though” Jeet  Replied
 “Jeet I am not kidding,  these few months have been more than hectic and tomorrow I have to be at four places, no idea how I am gonna be doing it since you cannot take me all  around you have work piled up for tomorrow, will have to take a Cab and  that’s gonna add anoher  Trouble


“Will You  Please breath Babe !”, 
Jeet interrupted her, “stop worrying, I know a  place where you can hire a Good  Cab for a reasonable price it’s called A1 Cabs, their Fares are very Reasonable as hell, and Cars and Drivers are too good.  here is a solution for everything Babe, 
Let  Me  speak”, Reena  laughetd, “I’m so sorry, I get carried away because I’m  overwhemed”,  “just get her cab from here, you can do it, Babe” Jeet   assured Reena  once again. 

“You know what, I think this coming weekend we should just Relax, it’s been so  Frustrating” Jeet  Suggested,

 “Where?”, How ?   Reena asked eagerly, 
“At my Place, Mom and Dad will be Driving off to Shillong”, Jeet replied with Excitemeant “
Oh,  Shouldn’t I be meeting Herm?”
Reena  teased him,
“They already Love you Reena,  More than Me J
You know that, it’s Me  who miss  Loving You Darling”
Jeet  teased Reena   back, “oh is it now ?”
She knew what Jeet  was upto,
“Don’t you ?” Jeet asked 
Reena Passionately, “Of course”
She blushed and sipped her coffee,  Jeet  gave  her a wink J
and whispered  

“Can’t wait to make another Crazy Wild Love to You”, Reena  J

LoL J Laughetd out  Loud, 
it was moments like her  that made her fall for Jeet  More exciting and harder because just with a wink Jeet could make her  burst into laughter  like  She had no care in her world.

Next Day

The couple was waiting for Jeet’s parents to leave the City.

Jeet :  Hey Baby awaiting eagerly

Reena : Me too was waiting for ur sms

Jeet : so cm soon baby

Reena : Just 5 mins I will be in ur Arms J

Jeet’s Bedroom : 

Both were So excited for each other and started Love like wild animals. Jeet remove his cloth and help Reena to remove all her innerwear 1 by 1. Both were ready for Sex now. 
10 months of blood and sweat and Reena finally came face to face with her   Dream and her  Blog looked better than her  best day Dream. She looked at  it and teared up while her  family watched  with pride and she  finally  had her guts to tell her  faher that Jeet is not just  her  friend and on oher  hand Dulumoni was screaming on skype overjoyed to see her  sister win at life. 

“Can You all believe this ? 

I can’t !”
Sobbed Reena “well mami, we can, we always believed in you” Binoy  assured rubbing her  head with pride. 
Jeet first day almost had 14 best sellers from her  20 first Designs and soon  after a few months her  Instagram was spamming with followers and fans of more  than 100k and her orders spamenad  her  website making Reena outdo herself. 

Her  father began to receive compliments from his customers who would ask  about Reena’s clothing line and sing  her praises which lead to Massbhat being  much more well known in her town and as   Reena’s social  Media sites began to boom She thought of taking  her 

Restaurant’s promotion in her own hands as it was getting heavy to pay all  her Bloggers as well. “Babe, do you think I should start Blogging?” Reena texted Jeet boyfriend who She knew would obviously say yes but all She wanted was to hear it from him, “of course” Jeet replied as expected, “here’s 134k   followers waiting to read about your style inspiration and what not, do it” as supportive as her always was Jeet encouraged her, “alright  Herm, Blogger world here I come, lol” She quoted adding to his encouragement. They  were her type of couple who couldn’t get bored of each other even if They tried 

“You are such an encouragement  Babe” She replied sincerely “you deserve a  Gift for supporting  Me  all times lol”,” 

I know right” Jeet  Joked 

Confidently “ahan a gift, and what would that be?”, “you are getting lucky  tomorrow Mister Jeet Bhuiya, hahaha” Reena brought out her   rare side,  “woah!  look who is getting all naughty” Jeet replied politely to make her  work for it, “oh so I shouldn’t ?”
She replied acting confused, “well that  escalated quickly from Blogging classes but I am not mad” Jeet replied with a  witty vibe which had always managed to trap Reena, “smooth, lol we should  sleep now, can’t wait to see you Babe, been a week”, She texted with her  3am  eyes “same  Babe, can’t wait to cuddle you” replied Jeet waiting for her 
morning to come.

Her next morning Reena spoke to her  father about  her Blogger Idea “You know  by now what you are capable of, so why not, our generation has no idea how   that works Mami, so you do what you know you can”, “hahaha Baba you are funny, 
I will explain how it works once I finish my course as I need to be an 
expert, you know I am a perfectionist” said Reena adoring her  father's naive behavior.
 “What course are her faher daughter discussing about ?”  Nilima 
jumped in after eavesdropping on Herm playfully, “Blogger’s course ma at  AlfaBloggers,  it’s a Blogging Training Course, because I cannot randomly write I want  to be hundred percent professional in it”, Reena explained, “Blogger and  stuff, I don’t know much about that but  sounds interesting, it’s something  like modelling is it?”, Nilima enquired seriously, “hahaha ma, Baba, so cute, 
Yeah something like that but I do more than posing or making ohers pose with  my clohers, okay” Reena teasingly explained, “okay okay mami, don’t mock Reena 
Now”  her  moher displayed a childish anger to match Reena’s words. Soon after  Reena started  her  Blogger training course She began writing her own Blogs  for her Mugha Chic Blog and website, drawing mass readers with her  detailed and unique   way of approaching  her  target audience. She also started a website for  Massbhaat and took her promotion in her  own hands and managed to write Blogs   for  her  faher’s Restaurant chain as well, making it more visible to her 
customers by posting it on her  Mugha Chic Social  Media Accounts as She  began to gain mass following in every social Media site.
Her evening arrived and her sun set in her most picture worthy manner, Jeet  came over to see her and here She was glowing under her evening sun rays,   maybe it was her  inner peace that made her  Prettier than She already was. It   was a fine evening once again only this time Reena wasn’t doubting  herself  anymore.  
She looked at Jeet and quoted “who would have thought things would 
take such a drastic turn from struggling to pay Dulumoni’s fees and trying to  get customers to come  to our Restaurant to paying her employees of Mugha  Chic and dad staring out a new chain of Massbhaat in her hub of Gauhati”. Jeet   held her  and took a moment to enjoy her sunset listening to her peace in  her sweet voice,“it’s all about Smart  Work and  Passion you see and you’ve done it 

Babe” Jeet looked at her  with his adoring eyes, “all of us did” Reena 
corrected him.

Reena: You know guys these days ask for Nudes from their Girlfriends. What do  you think about it?

Jeet: I actually don't think about it.

Reena: Why?

Jeet: I just don't.

Reena:  (insisting him) Why? May be because am just cute.

Jeet: I don't know what pleasure they derive out of it, I just know my 
imaginations about us will help Me turn on more peacefully than your Sexy Pics Babe.
Reena: Okay. I Love You.

Jeet: I Love You too.

They walked into Jeet's Cozy Bedroom and made wild Love that evening, after  All her Hustle Bustle that They have been through together, their love only grew stronger. They were so excited for each other's body odor.   Jeet started  Touching her Private Parts gently to make Reena more excited.  His touch made Reena so horny and she started making  Sexy Noice  

Ooh Aah  Ooo Jeeeeeeet  Pleaseeee .....

After They Made Crazy Love all evening They fell asleep next to each other. 

While her room lit up with her last evening sun rays through his Glasswall,  Jeet beautiful thick wavy hair gleamed in her sun and Jeet golden bare back  invited his half asleep fingers to run all over her while She fell into a  deep sleep with her comfort within. 

“Shit,  shit,  shit,   Babe, Jeet, wake up”

Reena woke up realising She slept  after a Long Sex with Jeet.

Through her whole evening and was late for Dinner at home “what is it Babe,   calm down” Jeet replied Struggling to wake up. “ I have five miss calls from  ma”,

She panicked, “will you relax, you are a grownup Babe”, 

Jeet  tried to calm her  down while She gathered her  Panty, Bra and Teeshirt  to dress herself up.

“Jeet I have a meeting as well, have to start for that early morning 
tomorrow, it’ll take awhile to get here”, She explained, “wait, wait, what 
meeting, you didn’t tell Me” Jeet replied confused about what She just 
announced, “what are you hiding from Me?”

Jeet added. Reena looked at him funny and answered “nothing, I  forgot to mention about this, that’s all,  it was all of a sudden, so her thing is I want to create an app for my  clothing line, everyone has an app these days for their Business”, Jeet looked  at  her with a little disappointment “should have told Me earlier”,

“Yes  yes I know I decided about this just 2 days back and I have been so busy,  You  know that too much is going on at her moment, once I get this done we take  a vacation and you decide her place, okay?”, 

Jeet nodded and enquired  furher “so who are They, her ones who are making her  app and stuff for you?”,

“AeroSoft Corp, They have several services and not  just creating Apps but for now I am looking into investing on an App” She  clarified, Jeet looked at her and nodded letting go of her fact that She  forgot to discuss things with him first “cool, okay, and since I get to decide 
where we are going after this, it is a Tiger Safari, you remember  me
telling you where Ankush and all went last year..” “Satpura Jungle Retreat,  done”
She interrupted him in a hurry while clipping her Sexy White Alfa.Clovia Bra  on, “that's my  Sweet Hotty Girl, you remember Babe, great” impressed with her  level of attention Jeet pulled Reena in to kiss her Juicy Lips.  Jeet enjoys Smooching Reena’s Lips a lot. 

Reena looked at him and smiled cleverly and kissed him hard and fixing her Sexy Pink Tee-Shirt.    

Reena ran downstairs in a hurry to get home but also here was no stopping   her from anything any longer. By now She knew that once her first point of her goal is Achieved new levels would appear to challenge her to only Dream Bigger.

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  [B Sc Tourism & Travel Management and Mass Comm]
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Coming from the state of Assam Fami can speak a lot of languages apart from her mother tongue bodo as Assam has higher diversity than other states in the northeast, she speaks fluent English, Assamese, Hindi, and  a little bit of Bengali.

Fami is an aspiring Content Writer who loves Blogging

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