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Showing posts with label #my virtual B School #NO FEES #practical knowledge #positive energy #revolution in education system. Show all posts

My Virtual B-School

 My Virtual B-School

Ever thought of school having no fees and you get to study in that school? Firstly you may ask are there any schools as such? My answer would be why not? It’s a world where there are so many changes taking place and why not in education system too? And the whole management of this education system.

 Here is my virtual B-school which provides a whole new level of a learning experience. This organization is a trusted provider of media-rich online management education, there would be a customized training program, with blended learning solutions. This school will be providing a wide range of products and services that stem from e-learning competencies and management expertise. This is one such school that can be attended from any part of the world and just by connecting to the internet and study concurrently.

My virtual B-school would provide a series of management courses with coherent learning experience framed for a  profound level of understanding of analytical concepts within the core subject areas of basic management. There would be the standard format for all the courses available and they can be customized accordingly to the needs of the clients. All courses can be learned individually or can be merged together into a comprehensive business management program. Contents of virtual school courses are developed by professional top ranking business corporates.

My virtual B-School van is differentiated by other business schools firstly by the most important thing that is the  NO FEES, this can help all the people around the world get a chance to showcase their talents and study without having any financial problem and there won't be any kind place hindrance or waste of time in travelling from one place to another. Secondly, this school is all about the practical business experience, assignments are given to the students and they are supposed to do them and learn from them and they are supposed to make their own theory out of their experience, isn’t this more fun than studying the theory knowledge and waiting for a chance to apply them. Here there is more scope of usage of creativity and thinking out of the box that helps the student fir for this enrooting world economy. Thirdly would be creating a positive energy and guiding the students in the places they fail and showing the path they can achieve their goals may be failing once or twice but will surely succeed if there are true spirit and confidence in themselves.

All I get to see a revolution in many industries, all I need is a revolution in the education industry. That can make better and bright future for the next generation and create their industries themselves.

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12

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