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Some Interesting Facts and Observations about " Playing Cards "

Some Interesting  Facts and Observations about  " Playing Cards "

Did you know that the Traditional Deck of the Playing Cards are a veritable and most ingenious form of a Calendar?😳

There are 52 weeks in the year and so are 52 Playing Cards in a Deck.😳
There are 13 weeks in each Season and thus there are 13 cards in each suit. 😳

There are 4 Seasons in a Year and 4 Suits in the Deck. 😳

There are 12 Months in a Year so there are 12 Court Cards (Those with faces namely Jackdo Queens with The King in each suit) 😳

The Red Cards represent the Day, while the Black Cards represent the Night.

If you let 
Jacks = 11,  Queens = 12, and the Kings = 13, then add up all the sums of 1 + 2 + 3 + …to 13 = 91. Multiply this by 4, for the 4 Suits, therefore 91 x 4 = 364, Add 1 that is the Joker and you will arrive at the number 365 being the Days in a Year? 😳

Is that a mere coincidence or a greater intelligence ?😳

Of interest is the sum of the letters in all the names of the cards; eg : 

add up the letters in "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King" = 52 !😳

The Spades indicate  Ploughing / Working.😳

The Hearts indicates Love thy crops. 😳

The Clubs indicates flourishing and growth. 

The Diamonds indicate reaping the Wealth.😳

Also, in some card games 2 Jokers are used.Indicating the Leap year.😳

There is a deeper Philosophy than just a merely a Game of Playing Cards.😳😳

I am shocked, perfect Maths 

Forwarded as received .

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