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Success and Failure

Success and Failure

A dream is bright like a sun in front of you just like the story which we read in our poetry last semester all we have to learn from that is it's you who has to live the next 40 years and it's you who should not live without any regret not even trying to achieve or fulfill your dreams. Okay, let me not bore you with these same analogies that you have been listening all these months and days and am sure you will also hear the rest of your life...

My analogy for success and failure is nothing  but...


The way we experience our great failure and the way we experience our great success now lets think that you are living your life in between both of them such a human normal, regular and reassuring |^|and then you have done something miserable in your normal life that is leading to failure that is actually leading to way back into the bling darkeness and disappiontment and one more case would be that you have done some thing really out of the box and amazing that will take you abruptly to a  place that equally dark and glare that you never experiences anytime in your life that coulf be fame and recognition and yes most important the appreciation and praise for youe work. 
The world sees these two situations, cases in two different ways that is one as something bad and something as good. But then your state of mind keeps thinking what which way if you take will be leading us to which path. The equation that you got to solve here is the distance that you are going to cover from the place you are that is you, yourself to the paths that may result only if give it a shit. Butttt, there is an equal chance of you getting lost in both the paths let in be the path of fame and appreciations you should be knowing to handle it and the other path is the disappointment and depressions that is caused by the failure. 

The only remedy for both these cases is finding you in this whole journey, finding you find that person who is unique and creative and only one person in the whole world that will help you to regain your lost confidence or even maintain your success pace without getting lost. That is the reason we should be following your actual passion for yourself no other person can know more about you than you yourself do.  Being a copy of someone just to live your life for the sake of living doesn’t make your life worth than what it actually meant to be.

The whole point of this analogy is there is an equal distance from success and failure both are at their own extremes all you have to do is be at home the home is you, yourself and try doing the same exact thing which you are actually good at. Let that bring laurels it's well and good it helps you to motivate and let that could utter disaster but don’t lose hope all the success stories are only written after their number of failures that in return motivates you if you have that point of view every time you fail. Whatever don’t let the situations change you, try to win over them and BE YOU. 


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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
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