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Motivation for Illness

Motivation for Illness


"So far you have survived the 100% of your worst days you are doing great."

Were you seriously very ill ?

Could'nt you go for work ?

Missed your important meeting or any important event of your life?

What next???

Thinking if it is the end !!??

Is it that you are in this world to give up?
I don't think so.....

Stop thinking.... start working !!!

It's never too late you might get new opportunities maybe better than before. Why to cry over past things and waste your present provided destroying your future!

"There are two days in a year that nothing can be done one called yesterday and other is called tomorrow so today is the right day to lovebelievedo, and mostly live" - Dalai Lama

The things by which you can recover fast : -

▪stay with your friends 
▪never stay alone number 
▪ take care of yourself 
▪ stay positive 
▪do things which you enjoy doing it or watch those kinds of programs which you like 
▪take the steps by which you can improve your health and do not ignore 
▪focus at one thing at a time 
▪set small goals

"Recovery is a process
 it takes time.
 it takes patients.
 it takes everything. you've got!!!!"

When 'I' is replaced by 'we' even illness  become Wellness.

Now stop wasting your time and start working!!!!

Simran Kumari
B.Tech (CSE)
2nd year

#Motivation for Illness