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Showing posts with label #GunViolence #Preventive Measures #Save Kids #Not to be a Murderer #Responsibilites of State #Responsibilities of Parents. Show all posts

Kids Deserve Books |Not Guns in Their Hands By Asma Iqbal

 Kids Deserve Books |Not Guns in Their Hands

Preventive Measures Against Gun Violence |Save Kids to Be Murderers

 By Asma Iqbal


#Preventive Measures

#Save Kids

#Not to be a Murderer

#Responsibilites of State

#Responsibilities of Parents

#Responsibilities of Educational Institutes

#Psychological Reasons

Kids are assets of a nation. Protecting them and guiding them is a combined responsibility of the state, parents, and society. we should look carefully at what areas are left incomplete which leaves an awful impact on their personalities. And they move towards violence. The Incident in Texas has left its imprints on our minds and soul. Where our generations are going? How can we control them?

Here are a few recommendations for the state, parents, and educational institutes on how they can help

against such violent acts.

State :

    They should work on child access prevention laws.

    The state should ban the open purchase of guns.

    The license should be a must for the purchaser.

    There should be an age limit for gun possession.

    Loaded guns should be prohibited to store in homes.

    Guns should not be sold or purchased by kids under 18.

    Games and activities which leads to such violent act which can influence kids so much negatively should be banned.

    Psychological sessions should be conducted for kids' development 


    Parents should watch over the activities of their kids.

    They should not leave guns in hands of their kids.

    Parents should have a friendly relationship with their kids so they always feel free to talk with them about what they are going through.

    Parents should give full attention to their kids.

    Incidents with the close ones and sometimes bad parenting lead kids toward violence. Which should be analyzed soon.

    Parents should not allow their kids to play such games which leave a negative impact on their minds and provoke them to violence.

    They should understand the psychology of their kids well and should guide them correctly.

    Teach them forgiveness and the power of letting go of the bad things in life

Educational institutes:

    A good society gives a good generation. schools, colleges, universities, and sports complexes make the society of kids.

    They should educate them regarding psychological parameters, and what is good and bad for them.

    Try to build a kind relationship with other kids.

    Teach them to be kind and friendly with all the kids.

    They should conduct seminars and sessions for guiding them that violence in any form is not acceptable to society.

    There should be parent, teacher, and student sharing sessions.

    They should teach Laws against violence.

Guns are not for kids, they don't deserve them, they deserve books in their hands. These hands are made to build the nation not to be a murderer.

Asma Iqbal  MBA (HR)