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Decision Making Skills by Business Leaders by Darshana Khandelwal

 Decision Making Skills by Business Leaders

by   Darshana Khandelwal 

Our life is full of lots of choices. At each and every moment of our life we all need to make decisions whether it is big or small and moreover to find the answer for even simple questions we need to make certain decisions in our daily life.

#What Should We Eat?

#Where Should We Go?

#What Should We Do?

To answer such types of questions it is very much essential to make Decisions properly and also an individual must understand the significance of Decision Making in life.

Decisions are an integral part in every organization for proper functioning and implementation of plans. It helps in improving productivity at the workplace, establishing trust with the employees.

Decision making is done by all the Business Leaders in the organization to determine how a Company will proceed further and along with that helps in assessing a situation. Let us look at some of the necessary skills which must be considered while making Decisions in the organization.

#Enhances the productivity at workplace

Taking Decisions effectively will tend to save a lot of time and improve the level of productivity at the workplace among the employees. A Leader should be capable of making good Decisions and it should not create a sense of ambiguity. For example – The Leader has announced the last date for the completion of a project so all the employees must listen to his Decision and act accordingly.

The destiny is

Determined by the,

Decisions being made

#Establishing trust among the employees

A Leader should be honest regarding the changes that would affect the organization, communicating effectively, following an open-door policy and supporting the employees in accomplishing their defined plans and objectives in this way a good Business Leader can build trust among the employees at the workplace.

#Time Management

Scheduling meetings on time and explaining all the plans and strategies to the team Members will save a lot of time and would help in making Decisions in a more effective way. A person who really knows the importance of time will definitely win. Business Leaders must know the areas on which they have to spend much time and then complete the process of making Decisions efficiently and quickly.

The greatest resource

Of life is time and it's,

Very precious for everyone

Darshana Khandelwal

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 Decision Making Skills by Business Leaders

by   Darshana Khandelwal 

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