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Have you ever thought what u've done till now in ur life ?

most of them would answer -No!

one day i was just sitting in my bedroom and i was thinking how life goes on ,how fast the time goes, how days passes by and we follow the same routine , the same life everyday... and that's why we fail to achieve,we just end up having nothing in our hands.

That day I was just observing things looking at my room, looking outside the room ,I was Seeing that everything changes with time ,but we have not changed ourselves.we never try new things ,new ideas ,we never try to follow new methods , we never think of doing something which we have never done before,i am not saying you to do something extra ordinary,but something you haven't done yet .

And then i thought ,let's try ,what i do not do usally in my daily routine.I started cleaning my room and you know what i found so many things ,which i was searching from past few days, woow i suddenly filled with joy,my room was clean and that feeling was seriously awesome..i started playing my favourite songs n just started dancing ,i was enjoying my own company,that day i realised you don't need anything to motivate ,you don't need anyone to make you feel happy,if you feel your life is becoming boring ,so just say to yourself let's try out what you usually don't do.. i can bet you will feel energetic,you will feel happy, you will learn so many new things ..

So,everyday just do a little new thing and after few days ,feel the difference in your life.. you will rock will start enjoying each and every moment of your life ...


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