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Top Five Topics [Niches] to Explore in Blogging By Harneet Kour

 Top Five Topics [Niches] to Explore in Blogging

By Harneet Kour








Did you read about Blogging or heard about it from a friend and decide to take a chance? You made a pretty exciting choice. However, the critical question is which topic should be written? Often, a writer beginning this journey faces a difficult moment deciding what to write about. There are a number of choices. And the choice of how to start can be pretty puzzling.


Sharing life experiences is easy and fun as a post on Social Media. All of us do that  traffic and entertainment. However, considering it as a means of earning money can seem like a tricky idea. Don’t panic. Relax. Think it over. Think about whatever makes you happy and ecstatic. It can be anything. From nutrition to Travel, from finance to education, from fashion to psychology, and much more. Your options are infinite.


Below is a list of niches which have been found to receive high traffic and more likely to earn a decent income:


1. Food

Who doesn't love to read about food? Yes, the rationale may vary, but the subject is interesting. Sharing your recipes with specific information on the history of those recipes is an attraction. In addition, you can win a loyal audience and revenue. Under the current scenario, food and beverage businesses work hard enough to achieve gender equality in the workplace. They are happy people, which makes writing on them or their work even more entertaining.


2. Travel

Do you love Travelling? Are you a vagabond? Have too many amusing stories and facts about the places you've explored? Share them. Don't narrow it down to your experiences. Skill development is critical. Who knows, you could Travel and be hired to write about it. What will help you gain more popularity and cash is your specialization. While writing general subjects about trips and places is fun, focus on what you know and excel. Travel is a vast niche. Find your niche in the slot itself. 


3. Fashion

The only thing which is fashionable forever is fashion. If you decide to follow this niche, there are all the opportunities you will get a huge traffic for your Blog. Today, everyone wishes to learn more about fashion and industry trends. You can also get sponsorship from companies by initially writing about their products free of charge. If the content quality is worthy, then they could sponsor you!

4. Finance

Another topic that is highly sought after on the Web. The way to manage money can be delicate. If you are adept at managing your finances and know a few helpful tips and tricks, then there is no reason for you not to write about it. As a large number of people are looking for experts in this area, there is a fair chance of making a lot of money. Although you don't need an official diploma in finance to write about it, be sure to keep your facts clear. 


5. Education

We are talking about a large area. Educational Blogs include course outlines, tutorials, tips for doing better in school, adult education, curriculum review, and much more. Those mentioned represent only a small portion. The more you enter this niche, the more you will need to explore. All you have to do is reach the right audience and make sure you use the right keywords to attract the right audience. Although as a beginner, you might find it difficult to monetize, advertisements, advertising banners, donations, sponsorships could be of great assistance. 


If you have decided to take Blogging as a profession, understand that the niche that you choose must provide you with better-earning opportunities as your Blogs will be directly in proportion to your income. In addition, do not forget that the high quality of the content and strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a greater role than the chosen niche itself. Register for courses which will provide you with SEO expertise. Keep up to date with your facts and numbers. The best thing about being an expert Blogger is to continue to explore and learn. Never stagnate on your own. 

Keep growing. Keep writing!

Harneet Kour