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Showing posts with label #Bloggers #Content_writers #Motivate #demotivate #Reasons #Remedies #Family #frustation #business #stops #money. Show all posts

Motivational / Happiness Content Writers / Bloggers

We are looking for Motivational / Happiness Content Writers / Bloggers who can write on the following topics.

1) Reasons for Anxiety / Frustations
2) Remedies for these Anxiety / Frustations
3) Family Frustation due to others
4) When the family Business Stops / Job Lost 
5) When there is no Money Rotation
6) How to keep patience when you are really Frustated
7) When a person in a family loses a job and the entire family suffers
8) Your own people make fun of your problems as you have shared your emotions with them
9) Rather than helping how your close one's will try to waste your time.
10) How to learn to handle these situtations 
11) How to come out of the comfort zone to find solutions to these problems
12) How Unknowingly we put blame on our honest supporting hands
13) How we hurt others when our we are frustated.
14) If cant motivate ourselves why we demotivate others for no reason?
15) How we make others realise that they are frustated, instead we ourselves are frustated? 

Please send us your Bio in 3rd Person Form No Attachments please few clear Solo Pics As Attachments and following details.  [ See Below Sample of Bio ] 

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Kindly note that incomplete Applications shall not be Replied. 

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