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Problem is a Sign that you are Strong

 "Pain" is a Sign that you are Alive

"Problem" is a Sign that you are Strong

Prayer "is a Sign that you are not Alone."

"दर्द" एक संकेत है कि  आप जीवित हैं🙏

"समस्या" एक संकेत है कि  आप मजबूत हैं🙏

प्रार्थना" एक संकेत है कि  आप अकेले नहीं हैं🙏

Looking for Very Creative, Innovative and Think Out of the Box Content Writers / Bloggers

Urgently Looking for Very Creative, Innovative and Think Out of the Box kind of Content Writers / Bloggers who can write on the following and many other Topics.

1) Reasons for Common Anxiety or Frustations
2) Remedies for these Anxiety or Frustations
3) Family Frustation
4) Anxiety When the family Business Stops
5) When there is no Money Rotation
6) How to keep patience when you are really frustated
7) When a person in a family loses a job and the entire family suffers
8) Your own people make fun of your problems as you have shared your emotions with them
9) Rather than helping how your close one's will try to waste your time.
10) How to learn to handle these situtations ?
11) How to come out of the comfort zone to find solutions to these problems ?
12) How Unknowingly we put blame on our honest supporting hands ?
13) How we hurt others when our we are frustated. ?
14) If cant motivate ourselves why we demotivate others for no reason?
15) How we make others realise that they are frustated, instead we ourselves are frustated ? 
16) Happiness
17) Motivation
18) Life


For June / August 2018 Intake
Master's Degree Program in India  [ Unique Specializations ]

1 Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Systems 
[with 6 SAP Certificates*]

2 Business Analytics [with 6 SAP Certificates*]

3 Project Management

Ganpat University, in academic collaboration with Victoria University, offers  globally acclaimed formal 

qualifications in india as a part of VU-GNU Collaborative Award Programs

10 - in - 1 Advantages

1 247 access to SAP live server for anytime-anywhere practice
2 Study these programs in india at 15% of the cost compared to Australia
3 Globally acclaimed Master's degree from Australian University ranked in the top
2% of Universities worldwide
4 Indian degree from UGS approved University
5 Certificate of Completion from SAP Australia
6 On-Campus Australian Academic Director [with 30 yrs of experience]
7 Internship opportunities in Australia
8 Global career opportunities
9 Experiential learning
10 Formal qualification in niche specializations

Work at Home for Smart Mom who has Quit 9-6 Jobs


Our company AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd,  is a corporate Partnership of well-placed Entrepreneurs in the World and we are characterized by an emphasis on integrity, and a straight forward and practical business styles. 

We are into Global Aviation Training And  Support, Bloggers Commodity , Travels, App, Import / Export, Market Research and Product launch, Introductions to Joint Venture Partners, and acting as manufacturer's agents for Corporations and our expertise are food and commodities,  Agro Products, Automobiles, Global Trading Support, Logistic support, home appliances, apparels and Textiles. 

We are currently recruiting 60 Smart Tech Savvy Womans well Organized, Ambitious and Quick-Learning Executives to join our Smart Team. The  Smart Executiveswill be responsible for providing Administrative Support directly to the CEO in our different branches, and at times, to other Senior Leadership at the company main office. 

They will be responsible for directly supporting the CEO with Administrative Tasks including 

Aviation App
Aviation Blogs
Mystery Audits
App Developement
Blog Writing
Scheduling Meetings, 
Maintaining Calendars, 
Booking Travel, 
Sending Packages, 
Greeting Office Guests, 
and More 

And will also be chiefly Responsible for managing various systems and processes in the office, such as the electronic sign-in kiosk, the employee intranet database, and interoffice email distribution lists, among others.

I am contacting you this way because I think you may be interested or have a close friend She may urgently need an Employment. 

Contact me back to introduce you to my company to shortlist you for an online interview. 
Hence I request you to email your CV to me directly and also fill the below online questionnaires.