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Best Pre-Marriage & Marriage Counselling And Family Counseling in Indore

Pre-Marriage & Marriage Counselling And Family Counseling in Indore

As a Psychologist and Counsellor in Indore, We provide guidance in situations which might be difficult. We would help in enabling you to enhance the quality of your Life through a holistic manner of positive thinking and problem solving. And for this We provide a safe, nurturing and confidential environment; a place where We can listen to you and help you find your Right Way.

Our Areas of Specialty:

Pre-Marriage & Marriage Counselling
Tackling Fears & Phobias
Family & Joint Family Sessions
Parent-Child & Teenage Issues
Dealing with EMotional Disorders 
as Anxiety, Stress, Anger & Depression
Psychological Problems

Pre-Marriage & Marriage Counselling

Marriage is one of the most important events in someones Life. It may sound like a long lasting road to Happiness; however, it isn’t as simple as that. As a client once told me “When I got Married, I was looking for an ideal, but I Married an ordeal and now I want a new deal.”

Tackling Fears and Phobias
Almost everyone has something that they are scared of such as water, heights, Intimacy, low Self-Esteem, animals, public speaking, crowded places, and relationships to name a few. Often enough these Fears/Phobias in reality pose no actual threat, but they can become so severe and can cause extreme anxiety.

Family & Joint Family Conflicts
Family is the most important aspect of our lives and having a strong relationship with your parents, siblings and so on is extremely beneficial to a Happy Life. However, every family has its fair share of issues and sometimes if these issues are not addressed, they can lead to larger and more bitter conflicts.

Parent-Child Teenage Issues
Children are a source of joy in everyone’s Life but parenting is never an easy task and bringing up kids is quite tough. The psychological well-being and growth of child is extremely important as this will only help them make better decisions as adults.

Dealing with Emotional Disorders such as Anxiety, Stress, Anger & Depression
Often enough, people have to deal with various issues, be it at work or at home. A lot of times these issues are difficult to deal with and therefore lead to problems such as Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Depression.

Psychological Problems  :::
Psychological Problems can be caused due to a variety of issues and are often ignored. People often go to doctors for physical ailments, but not for mental help. 

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