10 Invaluable Leadership Insights

 10 Invaluable Leadership Lessons 

10 Invaluable Leadership Insights

Gleaned from 8  Years of Mentoring Top Performers

Leadership's impact extends to hundreds, sometimes millions. A true leader instills self-belief in others and resolves challenges when others succumb to paralysis.

The essence of a society is woven by its leaders.

Through the past 8  years of mentoring, I've been privileged to closely observe numerous top-tier performers. While my role was to guide them, serendipitously, I've absorbed a wealth of wisdom from their journeys.

I'm encapsulating these lessons in bullet points to share with you:

Leaders exemplify the very behaviors they seek within their teams. Credibility requires leaders to be as dependable as they expect their team to be.

Great leaders embrace complete ownership. Triumphs are owned collectively by the team, while setbacks are shouldered by the leader.

Exceptional leaders exhibit a bias for action, steering clear of the quagmire of overanalysis.

True leaders adopt the mindset of a novice, acknowledging the vast realm of knowledge that awaits.

Leadership centers on influence, not control. The crux lies in empowering others to unleash their utmost potential.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) eclipses IQ unfailingly. A leader demonstrating emotional maturity is bound to forge a more robust and adept team.

Clarity is paramount within the team: the destination, its significance, and how each member's contributions steer the voyage.

Leadership hinges on leverage. Proficiency lies in identifying the vital 20% that propels 80% of outcomes, be it within oneself or others.

A leader's influence wanes upon ceasing to listen. Attentiveness to the team, customers, and rivals is vital.

Confidence and courage diverge significantly. Confidence breeds comfort, while courage thrives outside one's comfort zone.

Esteemed reader, does this compilation warrant your time and contemplation?

Did any point strike a profound chord within you? If tasked with appending just one more insight, what would it be?


A leader impacts 100s of lives, sometimes millions. A leader makes others believe in themselves. A leader solves when others feel paralysed.

A society is defined by the Leaders it has.

In the past 8  years of mentoring, I have been blessed to watch many top class performers very closely. While it was my job to mentor them, invariably, I ended up learning soooo much from them.

I am summing up my learnings in bullet points and sharing it with you here.

1) Leaders role-model the behaviours they want in their team. They will never get reliability if they are unreliable themselves.

2) Great leaders practice complete ownership. The team owns the victories. The leader owns the failures.

3) Great leaders have a bias towards action. They avoid the trap of analysis paralysis.

4) Great Leaders adopt a beginner’s mindset. They know there is so much more to learn.

5) Leaders think influence, not control. Leading isn’t about control. It is about influencing others to give their best.

6) Emotional intelligence (EQ) trumps IQ every time. A leader who displays emotional maturity will any day build a stronger and more capable team.

7) Everyone in the team should know where we are going, why it matters, and how their work contributes to the journey.

8) Leadership is about leverage. Master the art of identifying the 20% that will drive 80% of results. On yourself and on others.

9) A leader’s influence diminishes when they stop listening. They must keep listening to their team, their customers and their competitors.

10) There is a major difference between confidence and courage. Confidence ALWAYS makes one feel good. Courage doesn’t.


Did any point resonate very deeply with you? If you had to add just one more point, what would that be?

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