Productive, Progressive And Positive Lifestyle By @Surabhi Chourasia

Productive, Progressive And Positive Lifestyle                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By @Surabhi Chourasia


Do you think that you can’t live your dreams, you don’t have a productive, progressive and positive lifestyle, or are you struggling with time management, organization skills, interpersonal skills, relationship and personal development? Do you fear that failure is your destiny?

Fear not, your dreams are your destiny!


Imagine yourself taking control of your life making it productive, organized and fulfilling with a positive and proactive attitude, strong and valuable relationship, a healthy lifestyle and phenomenal progress.


We are all here for a purpose. God Almighty has not created anything especially humans, the best of all creations, without any purpose. So what is the purpose of this life? It is to make our and others' lives happy and successful. Different people have different perceptions of happiness and success. But the fact is that there is a certain lifestyle that can give us true and eternal happiness and an everlasting success. What is this lifestyle? It is a lifestyle that is in flow with nature coupled with the unique capabilities and qualities that God Almighty has equipped humans with. All of us are born genius. Each one of us has got every capability to live an epic life. All we need to do is to activate these dormant qualities to tune into a successful, epic and awesome lifestyle. A productive, positive and phenomenal lifestyle. A lifestyle designed just for you!

There are a few factors that lead to a lack of productivity in the workplace, and one of the leading causes is a work environment that is negative and stifles creativity. So you need to look at creating a workspace that will give your employees a comfortable place where they can be productive and enthusiastic about their work. With that, here are eight tips to make your work environment healthier; both physically and mentally, and also assist you in increasing positivity and productivity.

As a manager, employer or supervisor, the way to increase engagement and productivity within your company depends on how you treat your employees and the work environment you offer them. Here are some of the tips you can implement:


It may sound counter-productive but openness, a space for productive sharing and disagreeing and competition, is great for business and a really good way to bring new ideas to life. Come up with ideas out of your comfort zone and see where the discussion goes on from there.  You can also get your team to write related ideas on index cards to encourage lateral thinking. After that take the cards, hand them out, make your group read them out and encourage responses.


According to recent studies, the color green sparks inventiveness. You might not be able to paint the walls, but you could opt for items like backdrop, wall art, and ornaments within a green color scheme. You also should consider calming shades of green instead of the bright hues – sage and sea-foam green are the best options since they help you relax and spark your creativity.




To establish a productive working relationship with your team, you need to get to know each other. Look for ways to better communicate and if you have remote employees schedule regular video conferences so that they can all take part in the brainstorming sessions and meetings. At least some of the time you spend with employees should be spent chatting about hobbies, interests, plans and their family to learn more about each other and cement your relationships.



Employees need recognition and rewards for project milestones. It is a way of keeping the momentum up and their spirits high. Projects tend to be simple at first, but with time, they get difficult. So, set the milestones and reward them for each goal achieved. You should try sending them an email telling them how great they are doing, and acknowledge when they have reached a breakthrough. You will boost their egos and increase their productivity



Working closely on projects can create an incredible team dynamic; working within tight confines can be disastrous. Your employees need their space, where they can get easy access to the tools and equipment that they need, and still be able to work with other team members closely. A separate space for meetings and brainstorming often works well.



It is not healthy to sit in one spot the whole day. That is why companies today are choosing to invest in standing desks which allow employees to choose whether to sit or stand as they please, move around and keep their muscles active throughout the day. You can either get a full standing desk or a unit that sits on top of your regular desk.

It is your responsibility to create, develop and nurture the right kind of working environment so that your employees can function positively and productively within the company.

Surabhi Chourasia (MBA)

Marketing Manager

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd

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