Now the biggest, true and special thing in life is that

There is no Trust for the next moment in life, then why fight with others in a short life on the basis of Jealousy, Discrimination, Caste, Religion, Rich, Poor.

 Many people poison their little delicate Tongues. 

 Now the biggest, true and special thing in life is that :--

 1, Life is Precious, use it in charity.

 2, Life is a bubble of water.

 3, In India, the government of almost every state has made Ayushman card, and then by making Bhamashah card, they have made their treatment up to 5 lakh free.

 4, Since the treatment has become free in India, the death rate has decreased.

 5, readers, the dog eats at night because a person who sleeps in a mistake, wake up, there is still time, remember God.

 6, O human being, without competition in life, you started your own race, this will give you infinite happiness, which does not cause disorders in the mind, perhaps this is called salvation.

 7, Pet dogs are better than humans who are often loyal.

 8, Man, why do you take so much pride in life, one day you will end up on this earth.

 9, God has many names, remember you according to your religion, because? Everyone has to go the same way in the end.

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