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What are the Opportunities for an MBA Entrepreneurs by Pranita Jagtap MBA

What are the Opportunities for an MBA Entrepreneurs

 by Pranita Jagtap MBA 


Hello connectoins,

            Myself Pranita jagtap Pursuing MBA aspirant and currently working at Air Crew Aviation Pvt.Ltd as an Fintech Manager.Being an MBA Ian one has a greatest opportunity to come out an best Entrepreneur

             Following picture reflects the MBA gesture.There me and my friends Pradon and Yaseeen are happy to click a picture of being MBA'ians.

             The most important aspect an MBA learns when He/She is pursuing the "degree 

teaches the students technical, managerial and leadership skills.”

If an MBA's thinking of starting a business

a few key things you should do to maximize your chances of success:

Build your resume of experience and skills

Build your network of connections

Build and refine your soft skills

The resume showcases who you are as a potential employee or partner, it’s like your own personal sales pitch. The second two resources, however, are just as important. “Who you know” is as vital as “what you know,” and building a network is an essential part of anyone’s career. Similarly, your array of “soft skills” – such as interpersonal communication and personal management, go a long way toward ensuring your success.

Pranita Jagtap MBA 



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