By Surabhi Chourasia

1.  Personalised Tablets

Personalised tablets are now being used by students not merely for social networking but also to gain entry into the  IIMs and other branded business schools both inside the country and overseas. Taking a cue from tech-savvy youth, various companies in the education sector are also now coming up with innovative technology-based products to aid students preparing for various competitive exams.





2.   Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook 


There are two types of students, one who wants to write notes by hand and the other one who only wants to type and print them up. Rocketbook can do these two things as one. You only need to write into your Rocketbook notebook by using this gadget’s special pen and scan it using the Rocketbook application. Once scanned, the pages will be optimised. Meaning, it will turn into a PDF look like file and you can easily search specific topics or words you want to read and look back.


3.   EchoSmart SmartPen


As a student, you tend to realise that you might want to earn while learning. You might want to consider applying to an online writing help service where you can apply your writing skills and earn while studying. This means, even while in class, ideas may pop up in your head and you just want to write it down quickly. But, if you want to look back on all the ideas you wrote down, there are chances that all ideas might be mixed up and gone. EchoSmart Pen has a handwriting recognition program that can save up to eight-hundred pages even if in offline mode. Once you get online, all the changes in your written notes can be viewed either on your smartphone or laptop immediately. This pen has a battery capacity of eight hours if used continuously.  Another special feature of this pen is, you can transcribe your notes up to forty different dialects.


4.  Otterbox Charging case

The academic life of students is very hectic. Students have to cover long distance running from class to class, internships, extracurricular activities and so on. Add this device to this chaos by keeping your phone safe and fully charged up all the while. This charging case extends your battery life twice and it will auto stop the charging to conserve power. This device will protect your phone from whatever obstacles you will encounter along the way.



Case 5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Virtual reality and augmented reality in the higher education classroom provides a lot of potential for immersive learning. For iim students, Anatomage Table creates virtual cadavers that allow skills to be practised repeatedly in a safe environment. Educators in these programs can enhance teaching of certain techniques by bringing in VR to assist with visualisation and AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment.

Surabhi Chourasia [MBA]

Marketing Manager




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