How do I Enhance My Writing Skills? by Harneet Kour

How do I Enhance My Writing Skills? 


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Are you a wordsmith with words? Unfortunately, being a content author is not simply about playing with words. You must develop competencies and master them. Knowing the fundamentals of language will not let you last in this profession.  I don't mean to discourage you—one thing you need to remember as a writer is that there is no saturation scope. You need to develop your writing knowledge and skills on a day-to-day basis. 

Writing content is a large enterprise. It encompasses a range of industries and niches. You can choose to write articles, blogs, scenarios, interviews, newsletters, mock-ups and much more. 

I have tips for enhancing your content writing skills to help you build a reputation.

1. Write Every Day. 

Practice, Practice & More Practice. The basic rule of improvisation in your ability to write content is to practice. Do not stand idly by and wait for a project/assignment. Just Write! You can write anything you want. Consider any social program, hobbies, sports, movies, fashion or whatever you find interesting. Write about it. Various online posts may help you move forward with your writing. Work out a writing calendar. Indicate a specific time and objective in writing a particular number of words. This will not only enhance your writing skills but your grammar and punctuation skills as well.

Keep It Simple. 

The two most common mistakes writers make are.

- Write too many words into a sentence.

- Use complex language. 

If you write too many words in one sentence, your content becomes complex and blurry. The message is usually lost. 

When using complex vocabulary, it does not appeal to the broader audience. It gives a sense of reading a thesis in place of a post or article. Soon, the reader wears out or gets bored and abandons reading in the middle or before that. Remember to make content simple, short and precise. The vocabulary must be understandable, with the proper terminology and a clear message.

Keep Your Readers In Mind. 

Not sure what your readers would like to read? Browse the content on the Internet. Read everything. Well, almost! The longer you read, the better you will understand what readers look forward to reading. 

This will provide you with information not only on what is happening on a global scale but also on current writing conventions. This is extremely important for each author. Understand the techniques used and how they have improved from simple writing to exciting content.

Check Grammar. 

You can never compromise on grammar. All your content's value depends on the Grammar part. You could have made a simple error, but it will eventually give a very negative impression to your readers. If you're starting, get an editor. Many applications are of great value. These applications can identify your errors and even assist you in correcting them with appropriate choices. Find an application for yourself. Identify the areas of most significant mistakes. Start working on that. Practice this for improvisation. 

And yes, never seek out your mistakes while writing. You'll be blank. Just focus on writing. Think about how to formulate your ideas and organise sentences. Once you have finished writing the content, could you read it? You will find errors which you should correct without losing your vision.

Proofread Your Content

This is the most critical stage in content development. Read the content at least twice or three times. You will find minor errors, such as misspelling, punctuation, or even capitalisation, that you would not have noticed otherwise. Moreover, the more you read, the more you will understand what message your content is conveying to your readers. 

Many authors, after researching and writing for long hours, skip this step. I'm afraid you can't afford to overlook the proofreading. I understand writing can be tedious, and you may not want to read your content at the time. Take a few minutes. Grab a drink or take a stroll in your workspace or room. After 10-15 minutes, return to your laptop and read with a fresh spirit. You will soon find mistakes to correct or even ideas to improve your content's structure. There will undoubtedly be the possibility of adding or editing something. Once you reread your content, it's all ready to be posted for readers to read. Proofreading must be patient. It takes time. Develop competency to help you improve your writing.

Give yourself time to write. Feel neither hesitation nor fear while writing. Give yourself and your editorial skills time to develop and improvise. Learn various related competencies. Never think enough has been learned. And if you realise you're making too many mistakes or missing something, don't be disheartened. Do not give up. Relax! There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. Could you make a note of it? Learn from them, slow and steady. 

Rome has not been Built Overnight.

Harneet Kour

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