Campus to Corporate by Priya Kesharwani

 Campus to Corporate:

Campus to corporate is a life-changing transformation, and while it is possible that you may go back to studying for a while, it marks the beginning of your adulthood. It is a life transition that is exciting because you get to work in your dream job, earn money and enjoy spending it as you wish! Yet, it also marks all the responsibilities and duties that come with a job. From the carefree world of campus to corporate routine; a lot of changes.

To enable the students to make the best of these opportunities, students are put through rigorous corporate programs which run concurrent to their academic programs along with close mentorship activities. These comprise industry/laboratory/corporate visits, field research work in specified areas, relevant domestic & international internship programs, interaction with industry/corporate leaders by way of guest lectures and seminars.

Now you also don’t need to #Stressed thinking about settling in a Corporate Environment after your student life.

To tackle this vital issue itself there is a new course being introduced by the Team of AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. The “CAMPUS TO CORP” is a 3 Months 100% Practical Training course where we will provide Comprehensive Training on how to be a SUCCESSFUL MANAGER. Not only that, we have also planned a very detailed course where we take you from your Student life to a polished Corporate Life. The smooth Transition from any circumstance to a new circumstance is a very difficult process. And to solve this difficulty, we are here with this course to help everyone to settle in the Corporate World smoothly.

The course will provide you the best way to fill out your resume, how to speak and dress properly for the interview, and to adjust to a completely new environment in the Corporate world which will be for a void if you can't figure it out in the end. So to stop this hassle and to provide effective and efficient ways to do all this we are here.

There are some tips for you that will make this easy:

· Define Career Goals

· Embrace Discomfort

· Be Respectful Always

· Develop Work Ethics

· Learn to Manage Stress

· Start Saving

· Open to Ideas & Experiences

· Observing things of the Corporate World

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is a 1st and Only PPM Start-Up Organization recognized by the Government of India. So the Certificate you will receive holds a greater value.

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is providing this course with guest lectures from Airport Directors, Pilots, top Universities Professors, reputed Managers from different organizations and their in-house Corp Trainers as well.  This course will bring out the Best Version of yourself.

Priya Kesharwani [MBA]

Marketing Manager

 Campus to Corporate by Priya Kesharwani
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