How to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

How to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

To take Ordinary to Extraordinary

Just Go From 

Ordinary  To  Extraordinary

Raise your Standards. 

You must Raise your Standards. 

Understand Yourself.

Get paid for what you Love to do.

Invest in Lifelong Learning.

Have High Expectations.

Be Financially Independent.

Deal Equally Well with Success and Failure.

Work Smarter not Harder.

Turn your “Shoulds” into “Musts” 

Face your Fears. 

Invest in Yourself. 

Go beyond the bare Minimum.

Don’t do it because everyone else does it. 

Do it because you can do it in a better way than everyone else.

Be vigilant, obsessed, and not satisfied with the ordinary. 

Make no excuses and focus on being better.

Care less about being right, accept the mistakes and be accountable for your work.

Care about others. 

Try donating some time to a charity or even money donations will also work.

Stop discriminating. Appreciate differences and be less selfish. 

Everyone is unique in their own way.

Be a mentor when you have a good hold on something and guide others. 

Don’t limit yourself.

If you don’t know something then be a student and grasp as much as possible. 

Accept the fact you can be on top every time.

Sometimes caring is more important than winning. 

People will remember your good deeds.

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