by Ishita Bagga 

Logo in its basic terms is a symbol that recognizes a brand. The right logo conveys the right message to the customers without even saying a word. It displays feeling of honour, trust and integrity and is a connection between a brand and its consumers.  It is an important representation of your brand. It conveys your brand’s personality and represents who you are.

The best part about a logo is that it avoids the language barriers. For eg:- I’m an Indian and I don’t understand Japanese language, it will be difficult for me to pronounce the name of some brand. But, at the same time, I can easily recognize the brand through its logo. That’s the power of a logo. It is an identification mark for a brand.


Foundation of a brand identity: A logo is a representation of a brand. It must create a good first impression on the customers since it is the identity of a brand. People interact with a brand anywhere, be it be social site, a website, or business card, what should catch their eye is the logo. Creating a first impression with only words is difficult, Therefore, it is important to create an image or a symbol to identify a brand, which is its logo.

Facilitates Brand loyalty: Gradually, people start recognising your brand logo and it becomes popular among the masses. This creates a sense of trust towards a brand and increases customers loyalty. For e.g.,: If I went for shopping and I want to buy track pants. The moment I’ll spot track pants with Nike logo on it, I’ll be compelled to purchase it since I trust the brand. Therefore, a good logo builds brand loyalty. 

Differentiates you from the competitors: A brand logo differentiates you from the competitors. It tells the customers why your business is unique and distinctive in nature. There are different brands out there performing the same/similar kind of business. But, the logo tells why your brand is different and what is unique about you. 

A well-designed brand logo can communicate everything from the company’s background to its mission through the right icon placement and use of proper fonts. Your brand logo is the medium to both convey your values and show consumers why you are not like your competitors – you’re better

Attract prospective consumers: It has been observed that customers get attracted towards the descriptive logos with good design and colour. The logo should be designed to draw the interest of the customers and create curiosity among them, prompting them to look at the details of the product and even purchase the product. Therefore, having a good logo is important to grab the attention of the customers.

Establishes emotional connection: Logos tend to be the first thing that creates the emotional connection that you have with your favourite brands. If consumers can connect with your logo on a personal level, they’re far more likely to never forget your brand, and if they have good memories of your company, they are likely to stay loyal to your business and continue to use your products and services. Some of the famous logos that people are emotionally connected with are: -


I would like to conclude by saying that a logo should be well designed and creative that it should be able to attract prospective customers and it is the face of a company and so I important for a business to have a well-designed logo.


Ishita Bagga (PGDM)

             Manager Marketing

               AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


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