7 Tips for Leaders to Manage their Team By Asma Iqbal

7 Tips for Leaders to Manage their Team

By Asma Iqbal

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A Leader is a person who Leads Teams toward accomplishing a task. If the Leader is determined and Leads his Team well then the Team can perform well in all kinds of rough and tough situations too. here are a few tips for the Leaders so they can apply them to manage their Teams well and get the desired results.

  1. Set your Goal first, what are your objectives and what do you want to achieve. A Leader must be clear in his priorities and what he wants to achieve. If the Leader will set his Goal then he can give tasks to his Team. So, be clear and determined to your objective.

  2. Do proper planning to achieve your desired Goals. if planning is not done, nothing can be achieved. Tasks are performed and divided according to proper planning.

  3. Give new challenges to your Team. Being a nonconformist Leader is always helpful to engage your Team with you. Because they cannot access at what time which challenges you can give to them.it makes more involvement of your Team. They remain ready always to face new challenges.

  4. To have the best Team around yourself is only possible when the Leader builds trust among his Team. Trust is very important. They should feel free to tell their problems with you and also with their Team members. to know your business well and to know your Team well is only possible if you build a strong relationship with your work and Team.

  5. To be the best Leader and to manage your Team well do review meetings on regular basis. It builds the interest of Teammates and is also helpful to watch the areas of deficiency. So, you may work better with your Team to achieve the objective of your business.

  6. Mistakes are a part of our lives, during performing tasks and making strategies sometimes Leaders fail to achieve the desired Goal…but it should be discouraging for anybody. Learning from the mistakes and doing better with the experiences is one of the best qualities of a great Leader.

  7. To enhance the performance of your Team rewards are important. A word of appreciation can motivate the Team, rewards should also be given so it helps to involve the Team more with the work and they give their best.

 Asma Iqbal  MBA (HR)