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A huge shoutout  to the  Super Women in making- Entrepreneurs who simply  WORK to WIN....

As is a popular saying, winners are not those who are different beings, but those who strive towards success differently. 

Once there was a world  full of people who  just aimed  to lead well cushioned lives and provide the same for their families, with a stable source of earnings added to their bank balances every month.

Most of the persons in our Socity just Work to Survive not Work To Win and while they are working they forget everything, their Family, Friends, Hobby and even Health. At Work To Win our Aim is to give you an Alternative of Work to Survive in form of Work to Win. Here one can learn How to Work Smart and maintain harmony at Home and Work both. 

Gradually, changing situations  led a few of them to dream of something unique..and work towards it relentlessly. Some became the supremely  successful, others lurked somewhere in the middle. Rest dropped out crestfallen, returning  to their previous routines with a long face.

The successful lot gained an unique title of ‘Entrepreneurs' from being simply ‘professionals’ or ‘businesspersons'.

There was a belief, once upon a time, that Women were best suited to their socially identified roles within four walls. They could maximum opt for professions that required them to obey instructions, or professions that came with social  tags  of  ‘noble' or ‘best for Women’ 

Running a business, or building an empire from the scratch, or  even working upon an innovative idea and therefore making it successful were things that were never commonly associated  with ladies.

Soon, emerged a phase  of Empowerment ..the Empowerment of Women.  Quite contrary to the above belief, .. many of the

Innovative  Professionals or

Entrepreneurs , 

Social Media Influencers , Youtubers, are totally self Enterprised Women Entrepreneurs, who wished to carve out a niche by thinking differently, taking full advantage  of the ‘Work From Home’ culture that has taken precedence in recent times.

They became SuperWomen, managing the household needs  on one hand as well as venturing out , to make a name for themselves in the online world on the other hand.

The world of Entrepreneurship which was once ruled by men, only, had to share the podium with  Women  who proved to be no less.

But there were again a handful from the lot, who came up with an innovative plan, who decided to take it up as a challenge  to inspire more of such  Entrepreneurs to climb a few notches higher than what they could, to reach for the stars that shone brightly in their dreams.

And thus, some of these unique  minds joined hands, to nurture a path breaking project focussing on Women Empowerment named correctly  ‘Work to Win’

With time, the world became a much smaller place, thanks to digitization. 

Things started to roll out, at a faster pace, in the most expansive  manner, within a limited period of time.

It became a happy collaboration  between the Virtual and the real world, an optimistic place for Women Entrepreneurs, who could manage much more in different  aspects from just one place.

Work to Win project is a modern  message to our Female  Dreamers turned go getters, from different professions , from any age bracket. 

By ‘different professions ‘ some unique  professionals like air hostesses, pilots, people who are connected with the Aviation Industry in various  manners, are given a special  welcome to utilise this wonderful  opportunity to create their own strong  identity in a much different manner from what they have done so far.

Our Message is really Simple. 

Rearing to channelise all your efforts as smartly as never before to make your brand or your start-up or transform an innovative  idea  or simply the service you decide to render , into an inspirational phenomenon.

1. Am I tired of excruciatingly hectic schedules and unreasonable  deadlines?

2. Am I just tired of spending my weekends under the piles of old and new project files?

3. Have I started having sleepless nights and on the verge of taking anti anxiety pills?

4. Do  I  have given up on my normal routine as well as daily  emotions and feel like a human robot these days?

5. Why am I spending so many hours  daily, working for others?

6. How much energy is remaining in me,  to fulfil my own dreams? 

7. Does my profession require too much of travelling, when hotel or an aircraft has become more of my home than my own?

8. Do I  find myself absent from  most of the precious moments of my loved  ones?

If while answering the above questions  most of the answers are at least ‘yes’, or are making you debate between a ‘yes’ or a ‘no', then you surely need a rebound.

If you are a teacher , you may wish to set up your own online teaching setup, researching and finding innovative  ways to make subjects interesting to students.

You may be a psychologist  who has in depth ways to connect with clients and counsel them to help them get out of traumas and confusions or simply help them to open up, all happening with people being miles apart.

That business idea or that plan that has been nudging you since long and cannot wait to be tried and tested in reality.

If u have flown most of your life till date or helped others to fly, but behalf of other companies, you might be the one who has utilised her experience in the Aviation  Industry to have  found some innovative idea to cater to your clients but in your own way, Working from the comforts of your Home.

The two necessities  common to all the groups above, are..

1. A platform to showcase their gifted ideas or ventures that they want to share, with the  world.

2. An effective  Work From Home opportunity 

3. Mentors, who would act as their Friends, Philosophers  and Guides.

             These above  mentors are well equipped with all the necessary  tools and techniques to utilise your skills,  brush your strengths as well as utilise the different forms of social  media in the most effective  manner.

The WORK TO WIN Project has a detailed scientifically set out training  programs of varied lengths for all the interested individuals. 

Personalised Counselling Sessions to help you to express your thoughts and Ambitions. 

Expert career advice in different  paths

Help you to set your goals as per priority and divide them into long and short term goals.

The technical  knowhow  required to fruitfully achieve goals in the minimum time.

Each day  of the training has a different  set of routine that never tires you, yet you feel energised to conquer your daily challenges 

The programs give you the scope of not only personal  interaction  but communication  in the simplest manner with different people of other teams. 

The tools guide you to track your daily accomplishments  personally so that you can ascertain  your own progress scientifically.

Without breakdown of your performance and a comparative analysis  of your daily or weekly progress the efforts result in clumsy outcomes. Thus a systematic  approach includes  preparation and evaluation  through a comparative chart.

Experts involved in this project  have the adequate  knowledge  in different fields. Therefore, a prospective e

Entrepreneur gets the assistance of content creators/ content strategists/ social media experts/ digital marketers etc.

Also you  get a much needed exposure while learning how blogs, writeups , catchy posts posted at the right intervals and in right places can work wonders for you.

It offers you a platform to scale new heights , while helping others too.

All that the project asks for,

Is the urge that the  Women should have to look within, 

To go for a voracious brainstorming with like minded people to come up with some mindblowing  ideas that will Empower themselves and 

Inspire others to participate  wholeheartedly  in ‘Women Empowerment’ movements without compromising  on anything  that is already occupying their lives both personally  and professionally. 

Some common questions may be already stemming up , in your mind.

1. ‘Open to all’ concept may invite an unlimited number of interested groups of people. So will it still be able to fulfil its promises?

The project is also aware that on opening gates to all, it may happen later that the  worthier ones may disappear among the huge traffic.

Thus the above training programs  will therefore recognise the actual potential   through a thorough  examination  process and  only after an ardent  selection procedure it will extend further help, to make the selected ones, huge success in the outer world. They will even get recognition  through app/ web 

One of the biggest takeaways from this project will be a book that covers the inspiring  stories of the most promising Entrepreneurs from the above.

2. What about the financial  prospects?

The more your thoughts or StartUps or channels will reach out to a larger crowd, the more it will expand the financial  prospects for you.

The best  part is, once shortlisted, and being mentored  arduously, you may be earning a hefty amount, out of which  only a humble portion of it goes as a commission  to the organisation undertaking the WORK TO WIN Project. 

Besides all you need to pay is just the fees of the mentorship program with no extra costs.

3. Do I need to leave my ongoing job or the stable source of income?

The good news is you may still continue  whatever  you are pursuing and participate  in our training schedules as the hours are quite flexible, which you can adjust easily with your routines.

Everything is conducted through Virtual  methods

 Thus your source of  fixed earnings is not hampered.

4. Do I need to Travel?

This extensive project is being rolled out in a completely  Virtual mode. Thus you can attend sessions and interactions from anywhere around the world, with  just the help of a device and a stable internet connectivity.

Tough days have taught all, the real value of financial planning and financial management. 

These times are a boon actually, which enabled people specially  women to find out multiple  ways and means to earn as well as fulfil their quest to be able to create an unique identity. 

They believe  in their mission to roll out successfully, through Work from Home opportunities, not compromising  on their ongoing professions or their duties towards their families.

Ladies from a few sectors  are prospective new entrants for the above .

One such perfect example are the Women associated  with the Aviation sector. 

They have always been associated with flying aircrafts ,helping the passengers inside aircrafts, planning tours&travels , ticketing etc.

It can be commented  with sheer positivity that many of them harbour the wishes to take up new challenges and Work from Home, flexibly but enthusiastically to win  them. 

They neither need to retire nor they need to shun away their other priorities  in life.

All they require, is a strong guidance available  through mentorship and extensive training  programs, who believe in Women Empowerment .

So folks what are you  waiting for? 

If your dream is to

become a social media influencer,

if you have visualized  yourself to be doctor who is also  a proud owner of an innovative  idea that might help thousands of people around,

Or  if you simply wish to entertain  people with interesting  content through channels on social media...

Or if u have flown around the world   and still want to spread your wings to soar higher to a new direction...

......all you need is to JUST DREAM....


....Work to Win.

Join Us

There will be a Screening Process on the basis of following points after that the selection will be done.

1. Open for Learning New Ideas

2. Time Investment

3. Decision Maker

4. Open for New Industry 

5. Ready to face Small Challenges

6. Ready to Invest Time and Resources.

Pragya Dhar

W2W Sponsores

Work To Win 








#Work from Home





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