Are You Sick of Negative Thoughts? Use these Best Tips to Overcome through Negative Thoughts and get Positivity around You. By Nehha S Kotharie Soft Skills Trainer,Graphologist

 Are You Sick of Negative Thoughts? 

Use these Best Tips to Overcome through Negative Thoughts and get Positivity around You.

By Nehha S Kotharie  Soft Skills Trainer,Graphologist


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1 Have a Positive Attitude towards rejection

Usually, you are always attracted to negative thoughts, when we got rejection in life. Rejection can be anything when you go to an interview for a job and is rejected by the interviewer. I know it hurts a lot but you have to have a Positive attitude so that you understand that rejection is a skill. No one will be good without being rejected. WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum appealed to Facebook for a job and were rejected by Facebook after leaving Yahoo. After being rejected he held a Positive outlook or mindset and decided to develop a real-time messaging app called WhatsApp. And you believe that this app became famous in a very short time and later on 19 February 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp. Always keep a Positive attitude even when placed in disapproval like WhatsApp founder Brian Acton and John Koup 

2 Stop comparing and start living

Comparing yourself begins to develop a negative mindset or attitude. Why do you always compare yourself to others and try to be like them? You will never compare yourself to others after getting the answer to this question. The reason behind this is your mindset or attitude because when you see that your friend has got admission in engineering college, you will also try to get admission in engineering college, however, you are not interested in it. After some time, you will find the area boring, although your friend was enjoying it. This happened because you were comparing yourself to your friend. So stop comparing yourself and keep a Positive attitude in work that you find interesting.

3 Keep yourself Surrounding by Positive people

Positivity comes from Positive people, not negative ones. So that try to avoid negative people who only spread negativity and hate speeches. What happens when you are surrounded by Positive people? When you are surrounded by Positive people, their Positive thoughts, stories, and affirmations will have a great impact on you and very soon you will start thinking like them. Once it becomes your habit, you will find amazing changes in your life. What happens when you are surrounded by negative people? Negative people always try to spread negativity and hateful thoughts.

Example: Suppose your friend has a bad habit of smoking cigarettes and you always surround him, sometimes he also gives you cigarettes, but you refuse to smoke, after a few days you will smoke because You have always seen him smoking cigarettes, however, it is dangerous for health and one day it will become your habit. Later, you will see that your Positive attitude will change to a negative attitude.

4 Start reframing your thought

Our mind never stops brainstorming, they can be Positive or negative. Although negative thoughts can dampen your Positive thoughts, simply rejecting them requires changing your negative outlook to a Positive attitude. Remember that there is no dead-end, only redirection although you can try that you will need to put in your negative attitude and try again to consider new ideas if something works. Our brain is similar to a computer's CPU because we can optimize parts of the computer for better functioning. However, for the better functioning of our brain, we need to return everything that keeps you away from productivity.

5 Keep an affirmative approach

Do you know that a Positive attitude can develop a Positive attitude in every situation where you are stuck? A person with a Positive attitude is more productive than a person with a negative attitude. Every successful people change their perspective to look towards negativity in order to withdraw positivity. If you have a Positive outlook and your friends always spread negative and hateful thoughts, then it is better to stay away from them.

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