It is not Enough to be Busy, the Question is what are We are Busy For Akansha Sharma Marketing Manager

It is not enough to be Busy, the Question is what are We are Busy For

Akansha Sharma

In Layman terms busy refers keep yourself engross with the work which either you are fond of doing or just compelled to do it. whenever the name of the office work comes to someone's mind then the radical and rationale feeling of work completed thus run through our thoughts and it seems like we have to walk a mile in a minute as we are time-bound but none of us enjoy the task of doing it only the financial and monetary need make us busy. Or we like others to see us busy.

But self push to the work which you adore doing like as the amid Covid -19 has left us with a lot of leisure time, to many of the youngsters, children and every age of our generation are left with a lot to explore new artwork like writing, reading, painting, singing, dancing, sketching, cooking, etc. students are busy covering their curriculum, academics. Millenniums start developing their web pages, website or become an expert in the basic art which they love most. self-indulgence or try to catch up with the work which we give utmost priority or want to learn to make you most busy.

The above mentioned are the two instances that redefine the term "busy". The way we try to look busy or make ourselves busy. But the worth of making yourself busy enwrap in work which although cost you’re your valuable time, energy, at some instances money but at last you need to be productive instead of being busy. As being busy is a catastrophic as they always talk about how they will change instead of focusing on bringing changes as productive people do. Be effective in whatever your are doing because number of hours you spent hardly matters what matters most is how effectively you utilize your skills and time i.e being fruitful in achieving your goals. Multitasking is another myth which comes to lime light when talk about being busy rather keep focus on a single task it will be helpful in making you more productive.

Ultimately I like to end up saying being busy is worthless rather we should focused on the piles of task we are assigned with ,  in our day to day busy life .

Akansha Sharma

Marketing Manager

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