Learn how to Reject a Candidate Post an Interview

Learn how to Reject a Candidate Post an Interview:
·     Let the candidate know ASAP:
Keeping the candidate wondering and not clear about his/her selection process can be misleading.
It is advisable to update the candidate with the feedback.

·     Call the candidate:
After an interview, you must call the applicant to reject.
Eg. Hi paula,  I wanted to thank you for applying. We really appreciated your time but have decided to move forward with another candidate.

·     Keep it brief:
Explain in one succinct sentence or paragraph why you’re declining the applicant, for example,” Although we were very impressed with your skills, we have decided to go with an applicant who had more hands-on marketing experience.” This will give them an idea of the areas that they need to work on without entering into a long and lengthy discussion.

·     Personalize:
Always include the person’s name and mention things that you spoke about during your interview. 
Eg. Hello paula we cant go ahead with your candidature. In the interview when asked speak of why are you an ideal candidate, you were short of words. Also, had little idea about the job role.

·     Be honest:
If you are genuinely interested in staying in touch with the candidate then finish off your phone call or email with an offer to stay in contact about upcoming roles. Connect with them on LinkedIn and save their details for future reference.

·     Ask for feedback:
Hiring is a two-way street. Asking for feedback is the best possible way to find out what applicants think of your hiring process. Asking your candidates for feedback shows that you care about their opinion and respect what they have to say. 
Use this feedback to structure your hiring process. This will help you to ensure a fair procedure is in place.

Samruddhi Verlekar [MBA HR]
Manager HR  
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd